• Has your dog walking dream become a depressing reality?
  • Are you working too many hours for too little pay?
  • Do you struggle to attract high-quality clients (and earn the kind of money) you know your dog walking service deserves?
  • Are you passionate about pooches but do you suck at marketing?
^^ I hear you ^^
The pet service sector is booming but the dog walking market is becoming saturated.
Competition is everywhere and increases every month.
The harsh truth is if you want to make serious cash from your dog walking business then you need more than just some poo bags, a Facebook page and a van.
You need a proven blueprint that will show you how to create the stand out, super-successful dog walking business of your dreams.
That's what you'll get with the Walk Yourself Wealthy Dog Walkers Business in a Box!
The Biz Box is a complete 10 module program specifically designed to help you leap-frog the competition, so you can launch, grow, scale and transform your little pet business, into a profitable and FUN dog walking empire.
I've personally helped hundreds of people to leave their crummy jobs behind and launch successful dog walking business, and now for the first time ever, I'm sharing all my business building secrets in one amazing program.
Now it's your turn to build the Premium Priced dog walking business of your dreams!
In this program you will discover:
MODULE ONE: How to build the Ultimate Dog Walking Sales and Marketing Machine
Most dog walkers do ALL their marketing on Facebook and they wonder why they get LOADS of enquiries from cheapskate dog owners whose first question is always 'How much do you charge???' Or worse they get loads of recommendations in FB groups but NO enquiries.
To create a sustainable dog walking business you need a proper marketing system that gets 'eyes' on your business, captures their attention and then convinces them you are the ONLY dog walking option.
Then you need to build a relationship so you can turn a one time sale into a life-time client. This means onboard, upselling and 'cloning' your best clients with a referral system.
In Module One I'll be laying out how we will build a marketing machine that does ALL that, and more.
MODULE TWO: How to Stand out from the Crowd with a Niche
Ever wondered if you could create a pet business that permanently stands out from the every growing competition?
Well, you CAN and in Module Two you'll discover how to niche down your services so you appear more 'expert' than all the other dog walkers. Your niche makes it easier for affluent clients to find you, and they'll be happy to pay your higher fees.
What will your niche be? You'll find out in this program (HINT: Your niche will be the breed of dog you LOVE the most...)
MODULE THREE: How to be a premium pet business in a 'post-pandemic' world'

 Things are different to how they were before lockdown. There's less money swilling around the economy and it's no different for dog owners in your town.

You won't be able to grow your dog walking business doing the same old 'look at me!' social media bullshit marketing you were doing before. To grow in a recession, you need to position your business as being different and better than everyone else.

You need to be seen as being an 'expert'. This will bring expert seeking high-fee paying dog owners to your door. I'll show you how to end the feast and famine business model that caps your income and ultimately leaves you burned out on the business treadmill.

MODULE FOUR: Turn Enquiries into Clients with Profitable Paper and Ink Promotions!'

Are you sick and tired of spending countless hours wasting your time on social media? In Module Four I'll be sharing how you can 'hide' your BEST stuff from the competition and leave them floundering in the dark. You do that by throwing an invisibility cloak over your promotional material and get 'offline'.

See, anything you do online anyone can see (including your competition) what you need is your OWN media, I'm the ONLY pet business coach who teaches how to create your own media including your own paper and ink newsletter.

The way to 'build a tribe' is do the opposite of what all the other (skint, tired and depressed) dog walkers are doing. I've perfected the ultimate Online/Offline 'grass roots' marketing strategy that will make you easier to find, and will help you connect with more 'local' dog owners.

You'll get templated 'Service Menus' AND 'Newsletters' and 'Referral Postcards' that you can copy and start using straight away.

MODULE FIVE: How to create a signature system that convinces clients yours is the safest, most stimulating service in town.

Your clients are entrusting you with their most prized possession, their dog. This requires an amazing degree of trust in you AND what you do with the dogs in your care.

A signature system reassures your clients and convinces them you have their dog's best interest at heart. Your signature system also makes it easier to staff and scale your business.

MODULE SIX: Staffing, Scaling and Systemising your Pet Business.

 In Module Six I'll show you how to create a 'signature system' that makes your dog walking service completely different to anything your competition has to offer.

This system will reassure your prospects and convince them ONLY you can provide a safe, secure and stimulating experience for their dogs.

Your Signature System will also make is easier to staff and scale your pet business. You might not think you need staff yet, but this will have you fully prepared for the day you do.

MODULE SEVEN – How to make more money from your existing clients.

In Module Seven I'll be showing how to expertly 'onboard' and effortlessly 'upsell' your clients. The most difficult, expensive and time-consuming job for a business owner is getting new clients. Once you have one you need to keep them, clone them AND increase what they spend with you. That's where your onboarding process comes in which I'll lay out.

Once again, I have templated examples that will WOW your new clients and make them feel like they've joined a 'family'.

Upsells – In 2011 I changed dog walking forever by pioneering 'the dog adventure'. This is a more advanced, exclusive service that left my competitors in the shade. I'll show you how to do exactly the same thing with your business so your service is seen (and known) as being different and better than your crappy competition.

MODULE EIGHT – Money Mindset, Goalsetting and Confidence Transplant.

The sad fact is most pet business owners fail to make any serious money and struggle to pay the bills. They have a low-price charging 'scarcity' mindset, and it doesn't matter how many clients they have on the books, they never have enough in the bank to be comfortable.

That won't change until you change your 'money mindset' and understand it is possible to run a pet business you love AND make a great living. A business that's built for growth has a confident business owner behind it, and a 'Wealthy' business requires a wealth attraction mindset. 

MODULE NINE: Online Marketing Strategy.

Social media can be a useful tool to help you connect with dog owners in your town, BUT only if you use it correctly.

Your social media activity should do the same job as your offline paper and ink marketing, that is to connect and convince affluent dog owners that you are the perfect choice for them.

I'll show you how to use video to 'demonstrate' your superior services, and we'll turn your website into a client attraction magnet that gets local eyes on your services.

MODULE TEN: Follow Up and Email marketing.

I'm the worlds leading pet business email marketing expert. In Module Ten I'll be showing you my method for writing emails that enables me to talk to 3000 prospects every day, helps me sell out seminars around the UK, and allowed me to sell 250 copies of my book, before it was even published.

The future fortune of your business is in the 'follow up' systems you have in place.

You can sell (and upsell) more of your dog walking services using follow up, but only Business in a Box investors will find out exactly how.

There are also. 3 X BONUS Q and A sessions.  To help you implement everything in the Biz Box I'm also sharing 3 bonus group Q and A recordings where I helped my members get clarity about anything they were unsure about.
This program usually retails at £1997, but you can full, immediate, lifetime access for just £1997  £997!
Choose Your Walk Yourself Wealthy Business in a Box Journey
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Everything in Option One PLUS
INSPIRE Pet Business Virtual Summit – 10 Hours
Dog Trainers Masterclass – 10 Hours of Masterclass training from world's leading dog trainers.
How to Create an Affluent Attractive Pet Business – BONUS Day from IMPACT 2022
To sweeten the deal, I've also got three amazing bonuses worth an astonishing £1029.
BONUS ONE: You get a 30 minute private coaching call with me where I can give you a personal pet business plan of action. I usually bill out at £597 an hour for marketing consultations.  VALUE £298
BONUS TWO: I'm also giving you lifetime access to the recordings from the Dog Walkers Business Bootcamp, a two day event that took place in Sunderland in 2018. You'll get the FULL HD recordings of the whole bootcamp including breakout sessions. VALUE £497
BONUS THREE: Last but not least, you're getting FULL access to the Professional Dog Walkers Academy - This is a complete online training program that shows you how to run safe, stimulating and profitable group walks. I usually sell the PDWA for £497 but its included in the Business in a Box.
VALUE £497
Don't take my word for it either. Look at what these pet professionals have to say about working with me;
Jenny Heslington has completely turned her dog walking business around, and gone from ordinary to 'PREMIUM!

Jenny Heslington

Pet Fit Pet Care

"With Dom's support, encouragement and knowledge I have already made some big changes to my business.  I feel more confident about the level of service that I provide; I'm not just another dog walker. I still have long way to go but feel confident that I will get there now.  I feel like I have some control over the way my business progresses now, rather than being at the mercy of clients and the competition. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Business in a Box to anyone running their own dog walking business."

Lynn Lloyd

Waggs and Woofs

"My business looks so different now to how it did this time last year.  
With Dom's support we are continually making things even better.  
I work less hours and I am a lot happier in my business.  I am really, really excited about the future of my business."

Shan Sinclair

Wags and Walks Pet Service

"What is so amazing about Dom is his ability to keep all the webinars interesting and packed with information it blew my mind. At the end of every webinar we could ask those burning questions and worries and Dom always had the best answers and solutions to all the problems. The biggest thing I got from Business in a Box was the best ways to market yourself and putting together a welcome pack for clients but most of all how to be better from the rest by being different.  If you put the work in and listen to Dom you will see amazing results."

When you click on the button below you'll be taken to a page where you can input your details. As soon you complete that you'll automatically get a confirmation email from me with links that give you immediate access to the FULL program and your bonuses (including the Pro Dog Walkers Academy content, which you are going to LOVE!)

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This is not the time to sit on the fence and 'wish' your business was performing better.

It's the time for ACTION.

This Biz Box will give you the proven pet business plan your dog walking business needs, and I'll inject you with the confidence you are lacking so you can make more of an IMPACT with your amazing services.

See you in there.


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