I appreciate you hear me bang on a lot about the 90 day goals structure we follow in my Diamond coaching program...but I wanted to give you a quick insight into what you can get done in just 90 days.
(which is just 3 months btw)
Emily Bow-wowcher successfully applied to join Diamond in July.
She'd previously asked about it the year before, but I advised her to wait until she was more established, so she went away, got her head down and did just that.
Then she came to me with a head full of ideas.
She had a full day of dog adventures in her schedule, so was thinking about taking on a staff member.
She also had a field business she was starting up at the same time, and a part time job she was doing 4-730am in the morning (to make it easier to get a mortgage application done)
So, a lot.
Fast forward to now and she's massivley increased the profitablity of her adventures.
The field is open and filling up each week.
And she will be closing on her house purchase in the next month or so.
The staff idea we parked for a while so we could put all the effort into filling up the field (fairly passive income earner).


Now, Emily is ready to kick on with her plans for world domination!

And she has some BIG plan for the future.

We did a coaching call last week and I firmly believe next year is going to be a belter for Emily.

Here's Emily's thoughts on the first three months in Diamond;
"Where do I start?!
When I started Diamond I knew pretty early on i'd made a great decision.

Dom helped me in many ways, the first was clarify exactly what It was Iactually wanted (I had so many ideas in my headand I was lacking a plan).

He then helped me come up with a logical plan of how to get how to get there.

We went through everything in depth and he helped me see that simple is more than effective, it's best!

Literally wrote a note on my fridge saying 'KEEP IT SIMPLE'.

It's been great having someone to bounce things off of who's already had success inthe area that you were trying to succeed in! He's taught me to work smarter not harder and that's paid off!

Even though we had to change tack halfway through thelast 90 days the things I've achieved have been great.

I've been granted planning permission for my upcoming dog field, the 'Bow Wow Adventure Playground', I makeon average £150 more a week than 90 days ago.

And I have a more affluent clientbase who really appreciate what I do, where I'm going with the business and arereally on board with supporting that.

Plus I'm almost ready to rebrand!!!

All I'm saying is... this sh!t works!"

Emily Bow-'Wow'-cher Owner of Bow Wow Dog Adventures

Now, here's the big takeaway I want you to remember from this blog post..

It's that I didn't give Emily 'MORE" stuff to do.

That's not how I work, and it's not how you'll move your business forward.

This is why plugging into a social media gooroos won't help you.

You don't need more stuff to do! You're already time-poor and overwhelmed as it is, right?

Of course right!

Do you know what, you probably already have in your possession all the pieces you need to build your dream pet business.

But.. right now they are a jumbled up mess and nothing feels right.

I'm the guy who will help you make sense of your pet business puzzle.

I'm the one who will help you rearrange that scrambled mess and turn it into a perfect plan that you'll LOVE implementing...

Author: Dominic Hodgson
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