How to deal with last minute cancellations in your Pet Business.
As a Dog Trainer, Dog Walker or Dog Groomer, last minute cancellations by clients can ruin your schedule and reduce your bank account.
Discover the secret to eliminating last minute cancellations in this short video...

Dom: Okay, next question.  "How do you deal with last minute cancellations?"

This happens to a lot of people. Daycare's, dog trainers, dog groomers, dog walkers as well.  Last minute cancellations. How do we deal with last minute cancellations?

You have a cancellation policy, essentially.

So, you have a policy that says whatever you want it to say.

If you cancel within 24 hours, you still have to pay.

If you cancel on the day, you still have to pay.

If you cancel within 48 hours of the appointment, you got to pay 50% or something. Or whatever you want.

Now I'll be honest with you. I've never had a huge issue with this. It's amazing what happens when you are a premium business.

When you are a premium business with premium clients, you'll be amazed how a lot of these kind of fitty little problems they just kind of disappear and they never happen to you.

So, we do get last minute cancellations, but it's never a problem. It's never a problem because we always pretty full, the clients pay us a lot of money anyway. So if they have to cancel, they're cancelling for good reasons.

Personally, I've never found an issue and that's all I can put it down to is, we're premium. We don't get time wasters. We don't get people who cancel last minute because they've got just some random things happen that's causing them to want to cancel your services. You know what I mean?

If this is happening a lot, it's telling me that you really don't have any rules in your business, and you're certainly not communicating those rules either to your clients. You need to communicate the rules beforehand on your website, in the meet-and-greet, your first appointment, your first consultation, when they come to visit your daycare, when they come to visit your salon, whatever. You've got to communicate this stuff. And if you communicated, then it's like it's no problem at all.

So I have strict rules in my business. I have strict rules with my coaching clients as well. So I have a bunch of really high level private coaching clients who they work through the business development programme that I set out. And these guys they've got rules. I mean, they've got rules for getting on the phone with me. People can't just pick up the phone and get on the phone with me. They've got to book an appointment.

If it's a ninety day goal call, they've got to fill in a form beforehand as well. I'm not just going to get on the phone and speak to someone when they have a brain fart.

I want them to think about their problem before they want me to think about their problem. This means that we get better results that way.

Shirley's on. Brilliant. Hey, Shirley. "My clients usually pay me if they cancel. Even if I say not to, it's been an emergency." Well, there you go, Shirley. There's a testament to... And she doesn't get many that cancels as well.  Awesome, Shirley.

Author: Dominic Hodgson
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