How to Choose a Pet Business Coach - The definitive guide...
I did something a little different yesterday for my PBIC members. It was the PBIC monthly Teleclass and I did a 60 minute training on 'How to find a great business coach'.
Now, you might think that's a little self serving for me to talk about the best way to find a business coach....when, I AM a business coach myself. LOL.
And truth is, it was a little self-serving. But, I'm nothing if not honest with my PBIC Pitbulls.
So, I not only shared the difference between a tactical coach and a strategic coach, why you might need a coach (and when you won't need one) I also told them how to avoid a coaching setup where the 'coaches' are part of a coaching cabal where they try and get you to buy all their 'expert' friends stuff too.
Then there's the 'coaching by comittee' where the head honcho lacks any meaninful marketing knowledge so has to draft in a bunch of friends who act as 'experts'. Usually none of these people have experienced any meaningful success in their own business.
Always best to do a bit of research and digging.

Remember the tale about the Twitter 'Pet Expert' who ran online meet-ups and had thousands of Twitter followers. She pitched herself as a social-media expert pet business coach....and when Dom tracked down her original website it turns out she was a dog walker charging £10 an hour.

I sh!t you not...

I also shared my own coaching journey. Who I had invested money in over the years, who I've invested in recently, and why I don't recommend many other 'coaches' at all. I certainly wouldn't touch a 'content coach' with barge pole.

Like I said, I try to be very honest in my coaching (as I do with all my marketing).

I find you can't get caught out that way.
Yeah some people might not like it (and plenty DO NOT like it) but at least I've been true to myself and shared my reasons for why I do what I do.
You might not be ready for a business coach yet, but surely you'd like to sell more of your services, more easily?
Author: Dominic Hodgson
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