One of my favourite business authors is Robert Ringer, and one of his best works is Action: Nothing happens until something moves.
That title is actually an Einstein quote, and the full quote is 'Nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected'.
Action is the key to everything in life and business, and we are all action takers.

Just some are reactive action takers, some are pro-active action takers.

If you take pro-active action you control the outcome. Reactive action is where you respond after waiting for someone else to move. This puts you in a position of weakness.

Most people stubbornly resist change.
They make excuses like 'I'm not ready' or 'the timing is not quite right'

Robert has a belief in The Cosmic Catalyst

The Cosmis Cataylst is the theory that god helps those who help themselves.

As an athiest I don't believe in the god part, but I'm fully on board with the principle of MASSIVE ACTION.

Big Ideas that are acted upon with Big Actions cause Big things to happen.

Things you can't even see at the moment.

It's true...

Taking bold action magically attracts outside forces.

Money is attracted to Big BOLD business activiities.

I've seen this happen hundreds of times in my own, and in my private clients businesses.

So, how can you get the prinicple of massive action working in your business?

Well, first you need a BIG idea.

This is the 'one thing' that is going to move your business forward.

Then you need to focus all your efforts into that one thing.

See, the principle of massive action doesn't happen straight away.

You have to stay focused and really work at your 'one thing' until it happens.

Are you missing the clarity about what your next 'big thing' should be? you lack the focus to stick to to goals that wil move your business forward.
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We don't mess about with blogging and silly social media tactics.

That's what average, ordinary (skint, time-poor, p!ssed off) pet business owners do to distract themselevs from the Big Decisions and the massive action required to move your business forward.

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Nothing happens until something moves...

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Author: Dominic Hodgson
In 2011 Dom Hodgson revolutionised the pet service industry with his first business Pack Leader Dog Adventures, the UK's first, award winning 'dog adventure' company.
Now a respected dog trainer, author, speaker and mentor to pet business owners, Doms calling is to help dog walkers, trainers and groomers to excel with their marketing, so they can help change the lives of more dog owners with their amazing skills.
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