The strange reason people REALLY buy your services..
Have you ever been wandering down the confectionary aisle in Sainsburys (other supermarkets are available) and you go to grab a multipack of Dairy Milk when you notice that they've also got a Halloween version of the same chocolate bar.
There's no real difference execpt the chocolate is in a Halloween themed wrapper and it's a slightly different shape bar.
You're a smart cookie.
You know there's no discernible difference to the taste.
You know it's just marketing voodoo that's taking advantage of your good nature by tapping your inner child.
You know all that....yet
Like the sucker you are, you buy the bloody Halloween version don't you!
And you don't know why, but you actually enjoy said chocolate little bit more.
Why is that?
It's because you're never really buying just chocolate.
Same as your clients are never really just buying dog walks, training sessions, daycare spots or grooms.
They are buying an experience.

And when it's the holiday season people ALSO enjoy the buying experience a lot more than usual.

That means it's vital you tap into that 'feeling' when you're marketing your services.

How do you do that?

Well, you could do what I've done and spend five years mastering all kinds of marketing, attend masterminds, write books, create courses and test loads of different promotions until you find ones that work....


You can grab my Spooktacular Pet Business Swipe File which contains everything you need (and more) to create kick-ass moolah-making offers to your prospects and clients.

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How to use Halloween to boost sales even if you (or your clients) don't like Halloween
How to say 'fangs a lot' to your best clients and at the same time effortlessly sell a higher priced service.
How to quickly and easily overcome your FEAR of increasing prices - THIS is holding you back from having your dream pet business
How to use PAIN to grab the attention of distressed dog owners in your town who NEED your help but don't know you exist.
Why most pet businesses never make any 'real' money – because they BORE their prospects to death...
The strange reason people really buy your amazing dog services...
Why tapping into your prospects deepest fears will enable you to help them fix their pooch problems
The weird promotional formula that turns your weak as dog-pee promotions into entrancing, enchanting, entertaining sell outs!
That's not all because also in this amazing resource you will also discover;
How to stop fear of failure from paralyzing your pet business decisions.
How to avoid the freaky five pet business nightmares that will keep you awake at night
Why Number One is the most dangerous number in your pet business – and how to avoid it crushing your pet business plans
How to find out where you currently are on the pet business Scare-O-Metre, AND how to bust through your fears so you can take your business to the next level
How to deal with deadly distractions that will STOP you from achieving your pet business potential.
AND there's 31 promotional ideas you can immediately swipe and use STRAIGHT AWAY to sell your services.
These magic spells will work for dog trainers, walkers, groomers, daycare owners, pet therapists and anyone else who has a service based pet business.
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And it shall be done...
Send me the Spooky Swipe File Dom!
Author: Dominic Hodgson
Dom Hodgson is known as 'The Pet Biz Wiz', and is widely regarded as the world's leading pet business coach and marketing strategist.
Author of 9 books, Dom is a much in demand speaker at pet business events all over the world. His mission is to help struggling pet business owners to unleash their potential, so they can create a super profitable, impactful, and industry enhancing business.
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