Who is in charge of your Pet Business?
This is something I find myself asking a lot when I speak to coaching clients who employ staff.
It doesn't matter whether it's virtual VA's or in person peeps who help you with walks, grooms, training or daycare.
There usually comes a point where I'm asking the business owner about some crucial aspect of their operation, and they'll say something like 'I don't do that, the staff see the clients', or 'Oh the VA does that' or 'My social media manager takes care of that', or 'my website guy handles that',
When pressed it turns out the social meedja person, or the website guy actually does sweet FA, AND they are getting a nice fat retainer every month for their efforts.


Sounding familiar?
If your business has grown a lot in the last couple of years but your own personal bank account hasn't then you might want to reconsider some of those 'expenses'.
You might find you've collected a bunch of hangers on, rather than helpers...
A bigger problem is when the staff members are actually getting the way of the success of your company.

They might be 'doing the job' ok, the walking, training, grooming, but they are actually causing a lot of stress to you the business owner.

This is when I chime in with 'Who's in charge here?'


Whose business is this anyway?
Who is taking all the risks?

It's you innit?

You're the one in charge.

Or you should be anyway.

Thing is, it can be really difficult to set the direction of the business and manage the staff if you are constantly chasing your tail, firefighting situations whenever they flare up.

It's a merry go round of problems, but it's going too fast for you to jump off.

Then comes overwhelm, stress, missed opportunities and eventually you start to feel resentful about the business you've created.

What's the way out of this?

Well, it doesn't lie with sacking the staff (although that might happen if the situation warrants it) OR switching business.

I often see people get so p!ssed off with the business they've created that they are desperate to jump ship.

THAT is the wrong thing to do.

Chances are you'll end up repeating all the same mistakes you made in your existing business.

The way out of this is to fix YOU.

You're the bottleneck.

Yeah, staff might need training, systems need implementing, marketing needs systemising, but if the engine of the business isn't performing then the whole things grinds to a halt.

That's why my Diamond Private Coaching s different to anything else out there.

This is a business AND personal development program for ambitious, high performing pet business owners, who want to build on the success they've achieved, take their business to the next level by creating a business around the kind of life they (YOU) want to have.

Sound like something you need?

Then email Beth on [email protected] and ask (nicely) to be put on the waiting list.

It's time to take charge...

Author: Dominic Hodgson

Dom Hodgson is known as 'The Pet Biz Wiz', and is widely regarded as the world's leading pet business coach and marketing strategist.

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