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Day One: The Pet Biz Premium Principle
In day one we'll dive into my favourite topic 'Premium Pricing', and I'll show you how to easily increase prices without losing clients.  I'll even share a Price Increase template letter you can download and send today!
Day Two: Easy Peasy Upsell Opportunities.
On day two you'll discover how to make more money with less clients, by offering irresistible 'upsells' to your existing customers. This is where all the hidden money is in your pet business.  
Day Three: The Strange Specialising Secret
There are 3 ways you can niche your services and the answer is hidden in your customer data. I'll show you how to specialise so you can charge more, attract more affluent clients AND stand out from the ever growing competition.
Day Four: The Raving Fans Recipe
On Day four I'll show you how to 'clone' your best clients with my five-star onboarding and testimonial trick. I'll also share how you can tweak your website copy so you attract more of the affluent clients you need. 
Day Five: The Go-Offline Gameplan
On day five we're diving into how to produce simple proven paper and ink leaflets, flyers, postcards and newsletters that connect, convince and convert sceptical dog owners. BONUS: I'll show you examples of my own, and my clients most profitable paper and ink promotions.
Day Six: The Parasite Pet Biz Principle
On day six I'll show you how to ethically 'steal' clients from other – non-competing - pet businesses in your town. This little-known marketing secret is something your social-media obsessed competition won't do, and it's a proven practical way to generate 'word of mouth'.  
Day Seven: The Storyselling Success Strategy
The biggest myth in the pet business marketing world is that 'content is king'. It ISN'T. You don't need to know how to get more likes, loves, shares and blog views...You need to learn how to SELL. So, on day seven I'll show you how to 'storysell' your amazing services, without being sleazy.
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Here's what Pet Professionals say about working with Dom...
"Business is Dom's thing and he loves it, you can see that when you hear him speak....
If you are feeling lost or struggling Dom will help you.
He gives you lots of motivation and ideas to get you started, but the key is to take action and he'll tell you about that too. The dog training, dog walking, dog day care market is saturated at the moment and if you don't step up your game you won't survive.
Dom can and will help you be the best!
Jane Ardern
Smart Pup and Owner at Riverirk Working Cocker Spaniels
"Before I worked with Dom, I struggled a lot and did not have much to show at the end of each month, despite working long hours.
I now only work three and a half days a week, my profits have doubled, my life is a lot more balanced and I feel very positive for the future.
All that is down to Dom's help.
If you want to make more money and move your business forward then sign up for this challenge."
Tim Jackson
Owner of The Greatest Day Care
"There's only one person that is as excited about the future of my business as I am – and that's Dom...

Dom will have you thinking about things you hadn't even considered... At first Dom's methods will seem scary.

You will resist. You will want to stay in your comfort zone. However this is not an option.

You will be pushed.

You will have to work hard.

You will improve things for the dogs you work with and for yourself.

Do everyone around you a favour and stop running around like a busy idiot.

Get your life back. Get back to the reason you started in the first place. It's the best decision I ever made."

Katie Guastapaglia
 Scentventure Dogwood Adventure Play
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