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Get immediate and lifetime access to the full, LIVE, HD recordings from IMPACT 2023 – The Disnify Your Pet Business Success Summit, led by The Pet Biz Wiz, Dom Hodgson including special presentation from keynote speaker, Mr Disney himself, Vance Morris!
On April 1st 2023 Dom Hodgson delivered the pet business marketing event of the year as he shared the secrets to Disnifying your pet business so your services tower above the competition, and become magnetically attractive to affluent dog owners who are looking for, and are prepared to pay BIG money, for a enhanced experience for their dog.
Also, speaking at the event was Vance 'Mr Disney' Morris, a customer experience leader who spent 10 years working for the mouse at Disneyworld, Orlando.
In his exclusive keynote, Vance shared the 7 Magic Keys to delivering memorable, premium experiences for your pet business clients.
In the full, HD recordings from the Main IMPACT Event, you'll discover;
  • The Imagineers trick to creating unique experiences for your dog loving clients – If you struggle to stand out from the competition then this module will change your business forever.
  • How to create a 'Beyond the Berm' feeling so your clients feel like they've stepped inside the magic kingdom – this makes it SO much easier to charge premium prices.
  • How to dominate a niche by owning words and phrases that position you as an expert business – Disney did this by claiming to be (and being known as) the happiest place on earth.
  • The Disney 'Fireworks' Strategy that keeps guests in the park for the whole day – this one simple trick will enable you to keep adding services to your customers journey.
  • How Disney 'Five Sense' their environment to create an immersive, memorable experience for their guests – you get real life examples of how you can plug this into your pet business.
  • The Four Revenue Strategies that Disney use to keep their guests coming back to the parks year after year – This secret is key if you want to maximise your lifetime client value.
  • The Disney Ride Sequential Selling Secret – how to recreate Disney's 'ride and shop' effect, so you can effortlessly add more services that clients actually want to buy.
  • And Vance Morris's 7 Magic Keys Keynote Presentation – Includes exclusive insider knowledge about how Disney make the magic happen, and practical 'plug-in' strategies you can implement immediately.
  • And much, MUCH more...
Here is what the IMPACT 2023 attendees said about the event...

Maria and Pete Yarnold

The Sighthound Savoy

Doug Keeling

Bad To The Bone Petcare

Sarah Stevens

K9 Adventures

Upgrade your recordings and get access to Dom's entire vault of Disney training.
The VIP upgraded package includes;

• Signed book, and Audioversion of How to Disnify Your Pet Business – Value £49.99
• Full access to the 32-page Disnify Blueprint – Only previously seen by Dom's private clients  - Value £99
• 3 x 60 minute BONUS teleclass trainings including a special session with real life Disney Imagineer Jim Sarno - Value £199
• The Disnify Your Pet Business Online Bootcamp - A complete 4-module self-study program to that will take your from ordinary to extraordinary - Value £399
Here is what the IMPACT 2023 attendees said about the event...

Allison Pearson

The Stress Free Groomer

Adam Delderfield

Delders Dogs

Heather McLoughlin

Kingston K9's

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VIP Bonuses including How to Disnify Your Pet Business book, Disnify Blueprint, Teleclass Trainings AND The Disnify Your Pet Business Online Bootcamp recordings.
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