Urgent message for pet business owners earning £30,000-£500,000 a year...
Are you working long hours for little reward, and are you struggling to find the best way to grow your pet business?
Discover how to bring in the real money in your pet business, without working your arse off to survive.
How would you like to work one on one with the worlds leading pet business coach, and have him help you:
  • Fine tune your marketing message so you permanently stand out from the competition, attract more of your ideal 'affluent' clients who are happy to pay your premium prices.
  • Develop a clear custom action plan to help you systemise your services and your marketing, so you always know what to do next to help you maximise growth.
  • Stop trading time for money so you can end the feast and famine business model and create a sustainable, predictable, recurring income.
Hi, I'm Dom Hodgson 
I've helped thousands of pet business owners to successfully systemise, staff and scale their business so it becomes a vehicle that provides everything you want in your life.
Starting today I'd like to coach you one on one.
I'll help you be clear about the best way to quickly grow your pet business while working less hours.
Once you have clarity, I'll give you a step-by-step training on how do to it.
These trainings show you the exact same strategies and tactics I've used to create a six-figure pet business.
Plus you'll discover exactly what my private clients are doing to create extremely profitable, highly impactful, FUN pet business empires that give them a great life with lots of time off.
You can get private coaching with me, plus 86+ trainings on how to build a high profit, low-stress pet business by joining my Pet Business Inner Circle.
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Tell me about One to One Diamond Coaching 
Here is What They Say...
Shirley Hastings
Hiking Hounds and Scissor Hounds
"As I write this I've just had one of the best months in my business to date.
I am now the highest priced dog walker in my local area with a client base of professionals.
Is he a required taste ? Shit yes.
Does he know his stuff? Shit Yes.
Would I have returned to my old job and given up on living the dream without being part of his world?
Hannah Antrobus
Pawsitively Pawsome Pups Training and Behaviour
"When I joined Diamond my business was already in a good place, but I knew I could be doing more, especially offline marketing I didn't have a clue about.

 I love the monthly ledger and diamond letter that gets sent, and its made me realise the value of paper and ink marketing which Dom often talks about. There are so many resources on the online site too, and the amount of information you get is crazy really.

The 90 day goal calls with Dom are great, he does push you outside your comfort zone but that is a good thing, and the group calls are really useful and valuable too.

Dom can be/is straightalking ha and sometimes that's not for everyone but what he says does make sense and It does work." 

Anna Pollard
The Dog House Canine Spa

"Since upgrading to diamond I've found the support incredible, everyone is so helpful as they've usually been there themselves or experienced something similar so have the knowledge to step in. The feedback is really quick from people too so you're able to react quicker.

Since joining Diamond we've made some big changes with bigger ones to come, the business is constantly developing and evolving.

I'd absolutely recommend upgrading to Diamond to put the focus on your businesses, there's so many resources that I haven't even tapped into yet and I know there's so much more I can achieve with Dom and the rest of the Diamond support.||"

Isabelle Vialla
Izzy Walking
"I have followed step by step what Dom was teaching us and I have been blown out by the results. It f**king works!!!!
Being a Diamond member you have access to a bigger library so you can learn more about even more effective techniques to develop your business, but also it is a more private group, which I really like as we get to know each other.
More over the weekly group calls are amazing to keep you on track and guide you to do the right things to get the best of your business. And the plus of the Diamond is of course the private coaching with Dom helping us to plan our goals and focus on what is important with tailored advices that will just make your business a success.
You would like to know concretely what I mean... I have just done my accounts for the last 4 months (May June July and August) and I didn't believe my eyes when I read the figures!!! Wow!!! I have doubled my turnover compare to last year. Ok last year was COVID but if I compare to 2019 my turnover has increased of +45%...."


Jo Loft

"Dom has taught me so much about marketing, but with sensible and easy to understand pieces.

I can pick it up when needed around my day, but it really is best to spend just 5 minutes a day with what Dom has to say as it will make a huge difference to not only your business but your business mindset, goals and understanding.

It's helped me take my business from a paid hobby to a paid profession.

I still have so many ideas from Dom and so much to do, that I wish I had more time in a day to put in place what Dom says, as all he says is so helpful and he really does understand the business and what needs to be done.

5 gold paws for Dom"


Sarah Stevens
K9adventures Ltd

"I joined Doms' lockdown survival challenge and realised I had so much to learn to get out of the rut, so applied straight for platinum, because if I'm going to do something I'll do it properly, if I didn't do it now I was going to end up a worn out busy idiot again, and I wasn't going to go back there again.

Since joining platinum my increased my knowledge of direct marketing has helped me diversify and sell new services since lockdown, which meant my staff all kept their jobs and we are still growing.

The support from Dom and the group is great and really keeps me motivated.

I now feel confident we can continue to adapt and grow, but more importantly I am getting systems in place so that I can take time out to look after myself and have a better work/life balance.

I would highly recommend joining platinum if you have a bigger business, or even a big idea for a business, as the knowledge and drive will help you get you where you want to go."