• Are you a passionate but pissed off pet business owner?
  • Are you amazing with dogs but do you suck at marketing?
  • Are you failing to get the recognition and financial reward your services deserve?
  • Are you worried how the recession, cost-of-living crisis and rising inflation will impact your pet business profits?
  • Do you wish you knew the secret to attract affluent dog owners, who want more for their dogs than just the regular, boring, low-priced option?
You are right to be worried
We are living in difficult and dangerous times, and not all pet businesses will survive the recession that's careering towards us.
Most dog walkers, trainers, groomers and daycare owners are offering similar services, charging similar prices, and getting the same kind of similar shitty results.
Once upon a time you could build an okay business with that basic plan and a bit of passion.
Now, it's a different story.
If you want to be in charge of an impactful, super-premium pet business that towers above the crappy competition like Cinderella's castle, then you need a new business plan.
You need the Disnify Your Pet Business Online Intensive Bootcamp.
This is an intensive 4-week program that will show you how to elevate your business so you are seen as the natural choice for affluent dog owners.
Why you need this program
We all have competitors in our industries. And you need to separate yourself from the mediocre, slothful competitors.
The ONLY thing that will separate you from the competition will be providing a level of service only found at a Disney Resort or Theme Park.
You absolutely NEED this if you want to be in business 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years from now.

Otherwise, your customers will have a 1-3 year lifespan at best. And you constantly have to keep working and working to get more CUSTOMERS into your pipeline.

And you know how it goes. It's getting harder and harder to get customers every day...and every year.

Advertising costs have gone up greatly in the past 5 years. Customers are more fickle. And each person has many options when it comes to whom to do business with.

But guess what? There's only one YOU. And it is absolutely CRITICAL to implement Disney-style service and business practices in your own business.

It doesn't matter if you're a pet store owner, dog walker, trainer, therapist, or manufacturing dog treats. 

This is for you if you have clients or customers.
What you'll discover on this four-week intensive;
Week One – The Experience Audit.
In week one I'll show you how to instantly add 'Wow-factor' to your pet business.
I have a templated checklist that you can model to 10X your experience, which will 10 X your profits.
Week Two – Pricing for Profit and Promotional Magic.
In week two, we'll cover how to sprinkle some marketing pixie dust onto your operation so dog owners are queueing up to invest in your services.  
You will discover how to extract more money from your clients, AND have them happy to hand it over.
Week Three – Marketing that Moves.

Finally, I'll show you how to craft a marketing message that cuts through the competitions bullshit and connects with your ideal clients, who will feel compelled to invest in your premium services. (Paper and ink)

Week Four Q and A

To round of the program we'll be doing a LIVE Q and A where you can ask me anything at all about how to add some Disney Magic to your pet business.

And that's not all...
You will also receive these amazing bonuses worth a staggering £991
Amazing bonus Number #1, The Secret Pet Biz Disnify Files

This is a series of secret recordings, only ever heard by my private coaching clients. Includes;

~ How to creating magical client experiences with Vance Morris,

~ Creativity magic with real life Disney Imagineer Jim Sarno,

~ Disnify Special with Dom Hodgson.

Also includes 36-page Disnify Your Pet Business Blueprint - Value £297

Amazing bonus Number #2, The Pet Business Paper and Ink Profits Program

The higher up the ladder you want to go, and the more affluent clients you want to attract, the less you will need social media, and the more paper and ink you will need.

Fact is, wealthy dog owners are looking for expert to work with, and to find them they are prepared to read expert enhancing marketing materials. They are not impressed with silly Instagram posts, Pinterest pictures or blogs that talk about the 27 reasons why dogs shouldn't eat chocolate.

I'm talking about newsletters, service menu's, brochures, testimonial booklets, etc. Luckily, I'll show you how to do all that in my Paper and Ink Profits ProgramValue - £397

How much is the intensive?
An hour's private coaching with me is £597 an hour
You are getting 4 hours as part of this program which over the five weeks adds up to £2388 of my private coaching
The bonuses added together come to £991 which means in total you are getting £3379 worth of training
However, I'm not asking half, or even a quarter of that. Because this is the first time I've run this Intensive Disnify Bootcamp, and I want lots of great testimonials, I'm going to give you the chance to get on board for just £997 £299.
Choose Your Disnify Your Pet Business Bootcamp Journey
Option One
Standard Option
The Disnify Bootcamp Program
The Secret Pet Biz Disnify Files
Paper and Ink Profits Program
Option Two

VIP Option

Everything in Option One PLUS
60-minute turbo coaching call with Dom -Value £597
Dog Trainers Masterclass – 10 Hours of Masterclass training from world's leading dog trainers.
How to Create an Affluent Attractive Pet Business – BONUS Day from IMPACT 2022
When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a page where you can input your details. As soon you complete that you'll automatically get immediate access to your bonuses and the Disnify Your Pet Business Bootcamp.

The Disnify Your Pet Business Online Intensive Bootcamp will give you the proven pet business plan you need, and I'll inject you with the confidence you are lacking so you can make more of an IMPACT with your amazing services.

See you in there.


Don't take my word for it either. Look at what these pet professionals have to say about working with me;

Jenny Heslington

Pet Fit Pet Care

"With Dom's support, encouragement and knowledge I have already made some big changes to my business.  I feel more confident about the level of service that I provide; I'm not just another dog walker. I still have long way to go but feel confident that I will get there now.  I feel like I have some control over the way my business progresses now, rather than being at the mercy of clients and the competition."

Lynn Lloyd

Waggs and Woofs

"My business looks so different now to how it did this time last year.  
With Dom's support we are continually making things even better.  
I work less hours and I am a lot happier in my business.  I am really, really excited about the future of my business."

Becky Mitchell

Becky's Walkies, Training and Behaviour

"Since being in Dom's world I have increased my prices, reduced my hours of work including actually having 1 day off a week. I have niched down and created packages within my niche. Above all I have been able to employ someone. Something that I have wanted to do for such a long time. I actually feel I can now achieve my ideas. I am really looking to what the next 12 months brings me...
Thank you so much Dom"
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% guarantee that you'll love the Disnify Your Pet Business Online Intensive Bootcamp, or your money back.
Just email Beth  and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.