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Are You Tired Of Looking For The Answers In Facebook Groups That Are Full Of Average Pet Business Owners Who Know Nothing About Business?
Let Me Tell About The Secret Place Where All The Ambitious And High Achieving Pet Business Owners Come To Learn How To Grow Their Business...
The 'Pet Business Inner Circle' is a mini marketing mastermind ran by me, Dom Hodgson, the UK's leading pet business coach.
When you join my Pet Business Inner Circle you get access to all the help you need to take your pet business to the next level.
 A 5000 word paper and ink monthly newsletter. Each and every month you will receive a copy of 'The Ledger'. This is the exclusive read for Pet Business Inner Circle members. The Ledger is 12 page (5000) word, paper and ink newsletter. In each edition of ''The Ledger' I cover one crucial aspect of how you can most effectively market your pet business so you can more more money, faster. 
 60 minute monthly marketing CD. In addition to the monthly print newsletter you also get a 1 hour marketing masterclass delivered on CD. This is 60 minutes of powerful audio training you can consume on the road (you also get access to the digital MP3 online too). On the CD I will deep dive into one particular aspect of marketing.
 Unlimited Marketing critiques. What should your Facebook adverts look like? What should you say to clients who call you up but don't book on a course? Is you latest flyer designed correctly? Is your website copy crap? Have no fear, as an Inner Circle member you can submit an unlimited number of marketing materials for me to cast my expert eye over. I will critique each piece and then post a recording showing you exactly what you need to improve. You also get to see everyone else critiques too so we all learn together. I usually charge £247 for a website or copy critique but as an Inner Circle member you get as many as you like, as often as you like, for FREE.
 Full access to the Pet Business Inner Circle members only App. 
Housed within the the private PBIC App is:
* Access to the PBIC Induction
*Access to the two group Q and A's and the monthly teleclass.
*Access to the PBIC teleclass Vault - Containing over 60 hours of training on everything from premium pricing, accounts, email marketing, money mindset, scaling systemising and staffing, storytelling, bookwriting, making videos that sell, how to easily get media coverage, onboarding and everything else you need to know to grow your pet business.
* Access to the course section, where you'll find; Walk Yourself Wealthy, Top Dollar Dog Trainer, and Grow your Business with Video Courses
* Access to the PBIC bonus section - where you'll find seminars, bootcamp extracts, other interviews.
* And much more...
You can access it on your smartphone (as well as your desktop computer)
 Full access to the Pet Business Inner Circle members only Discussion Forum. Never again will you have to waste time and effort asking advice of no-hoper pet business owners in flakey Facebook groups. In the discussion group you can get personal access to me (and the other members). 
First dibs (and a members only discount) on all my online courses and offline seminars. I am a prolific with content creation and I produce a LOT of training courses each year. I also speak in seminars all round the UK (with a world tour planned for 2018). As a PBIC pack member you get exclusive first (and discounted) access to all my books, courses and seminars.
Inner Circle Curry nights – We have regular meet ups all round the UK where you can meet your fellow pack members, share ideas and also pick my rather large brain about any business issue you are struggling with.
There Is Nowhere Else You Can Get The Considerable Help You Will Get In My Inner Circle...
I have designed it so you absorb and then implement the powerful training many different ways. With written, audio and video content available, and a private discussion group where you can check in straight away and correct your course, there really is no excuse for you not to get the help you need in my Inner Circle. If you are prepared to do the work then I have made it impossible for you fail with your marketing.
I want this Pet Business Inner Circle to do for you what similar marketing masterminds have done for me in the past, and continue to do for me now.
I believe you really are as smart as the six people you hang around with and if you are just hanging around in Facebook groups with other business owners who are passionate but clueless when it comes to marketing then that might explain why you are struggling to get the answers you need so you can make the progress you so desperately want for your business.
It's Time To Jump Off The Fence...

I took my business from being a small local dog walking service to the UK's number 1 Dog Adventure company. I'm also a published author and have online and offline dog training and business programs and all of this was made possible when I stopped investing in more dog training courses and started investing in my business and marketing smarts.

I've spent years (and thousands of pounds) getting great at marketing my business and now I'm passing on my knowledge so that pet business owners, just like you, to do the same thing.

I've also wasted thousand of pounds of my hard earned cash on waste of time google adword campaigns and shite SEO so called 'experts'. Don't trust anyone to spend your hard earned cash on marketing methods you don't understand or can directly control yourself.

Take responsibility for what needs to be done and learn how to market your own business.

The time to do that is now, and the place to do that is in my 'Pet Business Inner Circle'.

Fair Warning Before You Commit...

Joining my Inner Circle isn't a 'quick fix' that will transform your business overnight. As you know running a business requires lots of hard work. Well, learning how to effectively market your business also requires hard work, commitment and the courage to take difficult decisions.

If your idea of marketing is taking part in wanky Facebook 'like ladders' or 'Five day twitter challenges' then close this page down and go back to the woo woo network. You will find no motivational memes that will help you manifest money out of thin air in my Inner Circle. The PBIC is a seriously fun mastermind for ambitious pet business owners who want to connect and help each other grow their business.

If it sounds like something you need then click below now.

Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email from me and the link to a special premium pricing masterclass so you can get started learning straight away You will also get an automatic reply with a link to join the Inner Circle App group.

Once I receive the notification that you have joined I will add you to the mailing list for the monthly newsletter which you will receive the first week of the month. You will also get a calendar link to book your first 'turbo coaching call' with me, I'm looking forward to helping you and helping your business achieve its true potential.

Join us now.

And I will see you on the inside

Here's What Some Of My Inner Circle Members Have Been Saying About It...

After the "Profit Kickstarter" webinars I've got so many ideas now for marketing my business and making more money, as well as working less chuffing hours, I can't thank Dom enough. I thought the marketing programme offered would be the usual "blah, blah, yawn, yawn" that I feel when I've attended all other "marketing" training. BUT, this webinar series was totally different ... nay, it was chuffing amazing!

Dom makes the subject come alive, and whatever business you're in, you can see how it would work for you. I've never seen "marketing" as anything other than a boring part of running any business, but now, thanks to Dom, I feel absolutely in the driving seat and am looking forward to being part of the Inner Circle.

Thanks Dom!

Heather Stephens

We Train Any Dog

After signing up for Doms 33 ideas emails series and getting to know him a little, I realised he was the kind of person I wanted to work with.

His no nonsense, jargon free way of talking gets straight to the point about what you should and shouldn't be doing to improve your business and make more money.

It was a no brainier that I signed up to Doms webinars, to be part of his inner circle group and also attend his boot camp.

I'll be honest the inner circle is a fair bit of money each month but when you work out how much to can make from implementing the advice you get from Dom, it's easily worth ten fold.

Let's talk money.

I have a small select group of clients and my profit has increased by 37% per week simply by taking a simple piece of advice from Dom.

That amounts to an extra £372 per month that I wasn't getting before.

Now I'm only at the very beginning of my journey and have so much more to learn. If I can earn that much more in one month, I have every confidence this time next year I will have increased my turnover by well over 50%, and maybe more!

Karen Rhodes
Suffolk Dog Services

Here's what some other Pet industry professionals have been saying about Dom

'I've known Dom for a while now and we have chatted a lot about business and he has helped me out with my business. He also introduced me to Alex which created me a new, fun, exciting and profitable side to my business.

Dom's a bit like marmite though you either love him or hate him. I think he's great but I fucking hate marmite! My dogs also like him so that says a lot. To be honest even if you don't like him, I'd still recommend you go on his Pet Business talk, he has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.

Business is his thing and he loves it, you can see that when you hear him speak. If you are feeling lost or struggling Dom will help you. His talk is great and gives you lots of motivation and ideas to get started, but the key is to take action and he'll tell you about that too.

The dog training, dog walking, dog day care market is saturated at the moment and if you don't step up your game you won't survive. Dom can and will help you be the best!!'

Jane Arden

Waggawuffins Canine College

KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year


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