It's time to awaken your sleeping beauty of a pet business...
  • Has your pet business dream become a depressing reality?
  • Are you passionate about pooches but bashful, grumpy and dopey when it comes to marketing?
  • Can you 'talk dog' all day but panic or procrastinate when it comes to promoting your amazing services?
  • Do you wish you could wave a wand and make your pet business stand out like a dalmatian at a pug party?
Fear ye not, for the world's leading pet business coach, Dom Hodgson, is about to share the five magic marketing spells that will transform your fortunes.
  • In this brand new book you will discover:
  • How to turn your comatose canine clients into remarkable raving fans, by waving the 'Wow Factor' wand over your customer services.
  • Why introducing a vicious villain to your marketing message will unleash your 'Hero' of a pet business – and leave your competitors in the long grass.
  • The quick and easy way to go from low-price peasant pet professional to the premium-priced prince charming who rules the K9 service kingdom.
  • The little-known way to make more money, more easily, all year round by adding a pinch of pixie dust to your pet business promotions.
  • And much more...
Pick up How to Disnify Your Pet Business right now and let the Pet Biz Wiz show you how to Magic Kingdom your marketing and send your pet business profits to infinity and beyond!
You can grab a signed copy of How to Disnify Your Pet Business for just £19.99 today.
What people are saying about How to Disnify Your Pet Business
"A literal 'How To' book on creating magical experiences for your clients. Step-by-step processes, outlined for your use.  While this book is written for pet business owners, every business should be listening to Dominic.
Dominic is one of those rare coaches that practises what he preaches. This book reads like Dominic personally interviewed Walt Disney himself!"
Vance Morris
Disney Customer Service Expert
"As a fan of both Disney and Dom, I was excited to read this book and was not disappointed.
It breaks down the Disney secrets to success and shows you how to apply these powerful principles to grow your pet business.
Read it, take the actions steps and create your own magic for your customers and your business."
Fernando Camacho
Overdog Digital
"Wow! I read How to Disnify Your Pet Business cover to cover in one sitting, and it is the most straightforward guide to building a rock star pet business I have ever seen.
As usual, Dom tells it exactly how it is with his humorous no-bullshit writing style. There is no reason you shouldn't have the business of your dreams after reading this. I only wish Dom had written this years ago!
I have already implemented a lot of what Dom writes about in this book in my pet business and am ready to 'plus it' all after reading this! Every pet business owner, new or veteran, should read this book and think about how you can 'plus' your business!"
Doug Keeling
Owner & Founder of Bad to the Bone Pet Care
"From Dumbo to Maleficent, there's magic to be found in the wisdom of Disney.
Dominic lays out simple truths for pet business owners to wow their clients, set themselves apart, and make their business irresistible to the exact clients they want.
In a way only Dominic can, he presents practical, hard-hitting business know-how alongside Peter Pan and Goofy that will leave you motivated to start bringing the magic to your business and clients."
Collin & Meghan Funkhouser
Pet Sitter Confessional Podcast
You can order a signed copy of How to Disnify Your Pet Business for just £19.99 today.
Option One
Grab the signed paperback of How to Disnify Your Pet Business book for £19.99
Signed copy of How to Disnify Your Pet Business book
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Grab the signed paperback of How to Disnify Your Pet Business book plus the audiobook and Ebook for £29.99
Signed copy of How to Disnify Your Pet Business book
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How to Disnify Your Pet Business Ebook
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This book comes with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.  If you don't think it is the best, most valuable pet business marketing book you've ever invested in, you just let me know and we will refund your money in full immediately.
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