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Pet Care Membership Magic Program
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Help more Dogs, Leverage your Expertise, Make MORE Money!
  • Do you run a pet care business and work long hours for little reward?
  • Are rising costs and staffing expenses eaating into your profit margins?
  • Do you want more commited customers who use your facitily more often, because you believe in your pet care program? 
You aren't alone...
Most dog trainers have a feast and famine business model which causes stress, tiredness and eventually burnout.
They work long hours for little reward, and the revolving door of new clients means they have to find new clients all the time.
You didn't start a training business because you wanted to 'market' your services.
It doesn't have to be this way!
What if you position yourself as a niched expert who magically attracts dog owners who are looking for your specialised service?
What if you could keep clients longer and give them a more comprehensive service and better results?
What if you could turn your feast and famine business model into a sustainable, successful subscription business, where you give ongoing help and create recurring revenue?
Well, now you can with the Dog Trainers Membership Magic Program
This is a 'plug-in' program that enables you to quickly and easily add a membership to your existing dog training business.
Membership Magic is the ONLY program that shows you how to go from selling one-to-one (or one-to-few) to one-to-many, so you can scale up your business WITHOUT working vastly more hours.
For the first time ever, you can leverage your expertise (and hard-earned dog training knowledge) and turn it into an asset that bring repeating, regular, recurring income to your business.
This is what I did with when I launched my first online dog training membership in 2016, and since then I've helped dozens of dog trainers, and pet professionals transform their business with a membership.
The Dog Trainers Membership Magic Program is a four-week intensive training experience where you will learn everything you need to add a recurring revenue membership to your existing, established dog training business.
What's in store?
  • Module One – Choosing the Right Membership Model For You
  • Module Two – Membership Checklist 'Must-Haves':
  • Module Three - Onboarding Your Members for Maximum Retention
  • Module Four - Marketing your Membership and Customer Development
On this brand new program you will discover,
  • Which of the Super Six membership options you should choose for your dog training business – Get this wrong and your membership will be a chain around your ankle, rather than the vehicle that gives you more freedom and time off.
  • The Secret to turning one-time customers into repeat customers – No more worrying about how you will fill your diary next month, and the month after that...
  • The weird trick that turns your ideas and passion into compelling content that connects with your vibrant community.
  • Why you SHOULDN'T create courses for your membership! You don't need an expensive GoPro, or spend a fortune on a video 'expert'. All your content can be created using your smart phone.
  • How to keep your members engaged so they stay longer, pay more and refer more often – Membership 'churn' can be fatal to your business.
  • How to elevate yourself above the competition and position yourself as a breed, behaviour or local dog training expert, so you magnetically attract clients who are a great fit for your membership.
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That's not all because if you grab your place before 10pm Sunday you'll also get 3 amazing bonuses, worth £1043;
Amazing Bonus One
A 30-minute Turbo coaching call where I'll give you a personal plan to get your membership started (I'll also find the hidden money in your existing training business) I usually bill out at £597 an hour so this is a real value £299 bonus. VALUE £299
Amazing Bonus Two
The Full HD recordings of the 2-day Dog Trainers Business Bootcamp from 2018. This includes 10 presentations (and breakout sessions) from the Bootcamp that transformed dozens of training businesses. VALUE £497
Amazing Bonus Three
Amy Smith's keynote presentation from IMPACT 2022.  Discover how the Sound Proof Puppy App creator and Australia's Number One Puppy Trainer, built a thriving online/offline niched dog training business.   VALUE £247
Includes BONUS Presentation where Amy shared how she quickly took her puppy training business online during the pandemic.
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Is this program for you?
Can you answer yes to any of these questions?
  • I'm an awesome dog trainer who works long hours for little reward and I deserve more for the amazing results I achieve.
  • I want to create an IMPACTFUL training business that helps MORE dog owners without sacrificing all my free time and energy.
  • I have a passion for training and I want to make a difference but business and marketing confuse me, and I don't know where to start.
  • I've attended dozens (if not hundreds) of course, programs and seminars but I don't know how to turn my training knowledge into profitable service that benefit my clients.
  • I want more time off, more stability and more recognition for the great work I do, but I feel stuck on the treadmill of busyness, and can't get off!
  • I'm sick of seeing inexperienced 'up-start' competitors overtake me when they don't have my knowledge or experience.
Look what these dog trainers have to say about my business training...
"I've been running a membership since 2016.  Dom helped me get set up.It's not easy money or passive income.It requires work but it's awesome.
I have a fabulous little niched community who have achieved some amazing stuff.T
he best part is I have to train my dogs to create content, so they get lots of time spent with them."
Jane Ardern
Waggawuffins Canine College
"The huge difference is not only you learn about what you need to do to move on your business and make more profits but also following Dom's programmes just give you the strength and the confidence to do it! So you just do it and it just works! :)
I have move to premium prices and all my customers have followed and I am earning more, I also have created a signature system to become specialised and stand out from the dog trainer crowd, I have created my own media; I would never thought about doing such things!!!"
Izzy Vialla
Izzy Puppy Training
"So, at the minute we have, I think it's around 250 members.  And the community, it's thriving, I absolutely love my Club Dogwood members.
I love spending time with them in there and just seeing their results, it brings me so much joy!"
Katie Guastapagia
Scentventure Club Dogwood
"So, in the first week of opening the membership, I think we got about 102 people, which was amazing.  It's only been really a few months, but we're at around a 149, 150, and they're from across the world as well.
It's made a huge difference.  It's a reliable source of income.  Gives me more security as well."
Hannah Antrobus
Spaniel Owners Inner Circle
This program comes with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.  If you don't think it is the best, most valuable pet business marketing program you've ever invested in, you just let me know and we will refund your money in full immediately.
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