Live Oak Bank and Doug the Dog Guy Present
The World's Leading Pet Business Coach Dom Hodgson
Pet Business Premium Pricing Secrets Seminar
Discover how to charge the highest prices, attract the best clients so you permanently stand out from the 'low-priced' competition.
September 30th 2023
Floridays Resort Orlando, USA
Can you answer yes to any of these questions? 
  • Do you struggle to make your pet business stand out from the ever-growing competition?
  • Do you offer an amazing service, but charge pitifully low prices, and do you lack the confidence to charge what you know you are worth?
  • Are you a passionate pet business owner who is struggling to scale up your operation because although the demand is there, your low prices mean you can't fund the expansion?
  • Are you overwhelmed, confused and clueless when it comes to upsells, cross-sells and increasing life-time client value?
  • Do you wish you had access to a proven, tried and tested business plan to help you transition from being 'busy and ok' to 'full and profitable'?
This is for ambitious, six-figure plus pet business owners who want to be known as the 'Disney' Dog business in your town.
Dom Hodgson, The Pet Biz Wiz, has helped hundreds of pet professionals to realise their dreams and transform their businesses. He is the worlds number #1 Pet Business coach and marketing consultant, who specialises in helping dog trainers, walkers, groomers and daycare owners go from 'ordinary' to 'impactful industry leaders'.
At this LIVE seminar you will  learn;
  • The one simple strategy that will allow you to immediately increase your prices without losing clients.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes you need to avoid if you want to have a profitable pet business.
  • Why 'bulk selling' your services is destroying your margins, and stopping you from attracting wealthy dog owners.
  • How to add a 'membership' to your pet business that brings predictable, recurring revenue.
  • How to wrap a cloak of exclusivity around your business that makes it irresistible for affluent dog owners who will beat a path to your door.
  • How your high prices will crush and confuse your competition (and why they won't have the balls to copy your price increase).
  • How having low prices attracts 'bottom feeding' chav clients and actually repels the high-end clients you desire.
  • Why NOT increasing your prices annually means you are giving yourself a pay cut.
  • Why being a 'low priced' service provider is a symptom that your pet business is fatally sick.
  • And much, much more...
As Warren Buffet said; "If you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by 10 percent, then you've got a terrible business."
Business is a game of margin, NOT volume. If you want to be like the other busy but broke pet business owners who ask silly questions in Facebook groups, then DO NOT attend this seminar.
This is for ambitious, six-figure plus pet business owners who want to be known and revered as the 'Saks Fifth Avenue' dog business in your town.
Check out what people say about Dom Hodgson;
"Dom Hodgson is Europe's Number #1 business trainer of dog trainers and professional dog walkers and pet sitters".

Dan Kennedy - Forefather of modern direct response marketing

"Dom Hodgson is the greatest, probably the most successful person to ever start a business teaching other people how to start dog walkers and pet sitting businesses."

Kevin Rogers - Copy Chief

"Dom is next level. He really is something else. I was taken back by how much he knows his stuff with so much knowledge about running a successful pet business."

Amy Smith - Australia's Number One Puppy Trainer

"I had such a blast meeting Dom who is just as honest and straightforward as you would expect him to be. He just laid it all out there, told it how it was, and just has a very no bullshit, no fluff mentality to teaching this information. "

Doug Keeling - Bad To the Bone and Pet Care, Florida

"I just came back from Dom's seminar in Florida, which was awesome. Never flew before on my own and was biting my nails, trying to get myself to go. And I'm so glad that I did because it made a huge impact on me. 
I'm new to dog walking and pet sitting, but he's really helping me hone in on what I am the best at. 
Yeah, so if you have never been to a seminar before, definitely get yourself there to one as soon as you can.I came for the Turkey sandwich and stayed for the profanity! It was a good time"

Maggie Pepitone - Salty Dawgs Pet Care, Long Island, New York

Special Early Bird price
Morning/afternoon coffee and buffet lunch
Signed copy of The Ultimate Pet Business Plan
Platinum VIP Ticket
Special Early Bird price
Includes everything in STANDARD TICKET PLUS...
Pet Business Premium Pricing Secrets Manual
Pet Business Premium Pricing Toolkit (Five Pet Biz Pricing Trainings)
30-minute Turbo Strategy Zoom Call with Dom (before or after the event)
30th September 2023
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How Did An Inexperienced Dog Walker With No Confidence Or Clients, And In The Middle Of A Recession, Manage To Leap Over The Envious Competition And Create One Of The UK's Most Profitable And Fun Dog Walking Empires?
The answer will shock and delight you. It's an amazingly simple mind-set shift that you can master and plug-in to your pet business today, which will guarantee you consistently make bigger profits. If you run a business that has lots of staff, lots of clients, lots of stress but little money left over for you the business owner, then this is the ONLY seminar you need to attend this year.
This is an intimate and intense marketing seminar for ambitious pet business owners who are not only devoted to dogs, but who are also determined to build a profitable and sustainable pet business empire, where you call the shots.
This event comes with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.  If you attend GYPBF and don't think it is the best, most valuable pet business marketing event you've ever attended, you just let me know and we will refund your money in full immediately.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% guarantee that you'll love the Pet Business Premium Pricing Secrets Masterclass, or your money back.
Just email Beth  and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.
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