Calling all Brilliant and Burned out Pet Business Owners!
Do you run an amazing, growing pet business, but do you struggle to make time for yourself, and is there never enough money left over at the end of the month?
Do you lack the systems and procedures you need to take the stress and headaches out of scaling your pet business?
Do you lack clarity and focus about what is the next best move to take your pet business to the next level?
Are you stuck on the treadmill of busyness, working too much 'in' the business instead of 'on' it, constantly chasing your tail, firefighting problems and are you lacking the confidence you need to take back control of your monster of a pet business?
I hear you;
That's how I felt before I learned the Pet Business Scaling Secrets I'm about to share with you in this brand new program.
Hi I'm Dom Hodgson,
In the last 10 years I've gone from small local pet business owner to published author, speaker and pet industry leader.
However, I made a lot of mistakes along the way (and wasted a lot of money on social media, SEO and pay-per-click 'experts' who only added more stress, more hassle but no more money to my bank account!)
Nothing really changed until I stopped messing about with silly online 'tactics' and instead focused on how I could strategically grow and build my pet business around the kind of life I wanted to have.
Since then I've written 6 books, created online dog training progams, scaled up my own dog adventure business and turned it into a multi six-figure business that now employs my wife Beth – as Operations Manager, and my eldest son Alex – as Adventure Manager.
Not only that, but I've helped hundreds of dog trainers, walkers, daycare owners and groomers to do exactly the same thing, and for the first time ever I've put all of my best business building training into one amazing program that will help you successfully scale-up your pet business, all with less stress and fewer headaches.
Introducing my brand new;
Scale Your Pet Business FAST! Program
Discover how to quickly scale past six-figures and beyond
I've discovered there are five foundational pillars every pet business needs to have in place to create a pet business empire that has an amazing impact in your local canine community, AND gives you the business owner a fantastic lifestyle
I call this the 5S Scaling System and I'd be delighted if you could join me on this unique six-week program;
Module One: Pet Business Pillar One – Story.
If you want to have a Pet Businesses that scales and makes a huge impact in your community then the truth is you need to offer more than your competition does. Whilst everyone else is talking about walks, grooms, training sessions and daycare spaces you need to connect with your origin story.
Your values, vision and mission should sing out and separate and elevate you from your 'average' competitors
Module Two: Pet Business Pillar Two – Specialisation.
Pet Business' that scale own a specific niche in the market. Instead of accepting anyone with a purse and dog you should be targeting the affluent dog owners in your town, which means your marketing message needs to be tailored to your target market, and you need to be known as 'an expert' in a particular discipline.
Your Speciality makes you stand out. Get this right and it won't matter how much competition you have, you'll always be the preferred choice for the discerning dog owner.
Module Three: Pet Business Pillar Three – Success Systems.
Systems provide the guide rails that enable stress-free scaling of your pet business.
You should have systems for onboarding, for upselling, for gathering testimonials and most crucially, you need standard operating procedures that enable you to clone yourself so you can help more dog owners without you doing all the work.
The starting point for all of this whether you are a trainer, walker, groomer or daycare owner is creating your own Specialist Signature System.
Module Four: Pet Business Pillar Four – Sales Certainty.
Pet Businesses that scale have a tried and tested sales process for attracting distressed dog owners, warming up and then converting them into paying clients. This calls for educational online and offline content that puts the right message infront of your prospects that enables and encourages them to buy more from you, more often.
Most pet business owners hate selling, but it's just you connecting with dog owners about a problem they are suffering from, so you can help them with your service. Sales Certainty helps you help more dog owners.
Module Five: Pet Business Pillar Five – Stronger Self.
As the owner of your pet business you're the engine for all the good things that happen in your business.
To keep growing, impacting more lives with your amazing services, and hitting new income levels requires you to have a strong growth-mindset. Most unsuccessful, frustrated, time poor pet business owners have a 'fixed-mindset'. They refuse to put time and effort into mastering the business building skills required to scale their services.
Before we get your team on-board we need YOU on board, and your vision for the business needs to be perfectly aligned with what your vision is for your life.
Module Six: LIVE Q and A session – In week Six we'll recap everything and you can get clarity about all aspects of the program.
This is a group Q and A so you'll not only get my answers but you'll also get to hear how the rest of the attendees have progressed.
This is the tried and tested system to help hundreds of ambitious pet business owners to from local no-body, to impactful, profitable pet business entrepreneur, and now I want to give you the five pieces of the puzzle you need so you can successfully scale up your business.
But, that's not all because I'm throwing in five amazing bonuses too;
Amazing BONUS Number One : Storyselling Secrets – Discover how to differentiate yourself from the crappy competition and connect with customers with your origin story. Your Story, tied to your vision, mission and company values will power your pet business forward. Pet owners buy into YOU before they buy from you, so your story needs to run though all your marketing, and on this training I'll show you how to do it. Value £97
Amazing BONUS Number Two: Pet Biz Premium Pricing Masterclass – There's 'hidden money' in your pet business and I know how sniff it out. Pet Businesses that scale, generate 3 X more profit that those that stay small. On this training I'll show you how to increase prices without losing clients, how to introduce simple upsells and cross-sells so you make more money from your existing client base. Value £179
Amazing BONUS Number Three: Specialist Signature System Training – Discover how to niche down and position yourself as the local pet expert, so affluent clients can easily find you. I'll show you how to create a Signature System that makes your service STAND OUT. Your Signature System is an asset that enables you to scale up your services, so you can easily go from one to one, to one to many. Value £149
Amazing BONUS Number Four: Simple Selling Solutions Training – Selling doesn't have to be something icky that you dread doing....Look, I know you didn't start a pet business because you love marketing, but you'll only help more dog owners if you can show them you understand their pet problems. On this training I'll show you how to fine tune your marketing message, and how to get that message out there quickly WITHOUT wasting hours on social media... Value £97
Amazing BONUS Number Five: Money Mindset Masterclass – Why aren't you earning the kind of money your skills and services deserve? It's not because of a lack of dogs in your town, or a lack of owners who need your help. In my experience it's due to a lack of clarity in the mind of the business owner. This powerful 60 minute audio training is a 'software upgrade' that will have you reaching higher than you have before. Value £249
The total value of these bonuses is £771, but you get immediate access to them as soon as you sign up.
All my training is housed inside our very own custom built app so you can access everything easily on your smartphone (or your laptop if you prefer that).
Check out what my private coaching clients have to say about how I've helped them 'Scale-Up' their business...
Katie Guastapaglia
"Admittedly I had my doubts. I didn't believe that Dom could really do everything he claimed. And besides, as pet professionals we're 'not in it for the money'. We're here 'just to help dogs'. 'Improving your business' sounded like something you do just to make more money – and that felt wrong.  I only wanted to help dogs.  Listen, we're all here to help dogs, but how many dogs can we really help if we're running around in a constant state of stress because we're trying to do too much and end up concentrating on the wrong things?
That was me, a busy idiot.  I was stressed all the time because I was spreading myself too thin in an attempt to help everyone.

I contacted Dom because I knew I could be doing so much better.  What did I take away from IMPACT? Five pages full of action points to drive my business forward, that many pages again of notes for new ideas, a video of me pushing myself out of my comfort zone to great effect, a Barry award, a room full of new friends... and a decision to apply for PBIC Platinum.

Oh and something else – a vow to myself to stop relying on Facebook; to think about the bigger picture in terms of PR, writing a book and creating video. The effect has not only been that I have met new clients in different places but this fresh approach has restored my sanity.  Less stress, no more busy idiot.

And guess what? Since joining PBIC the dogs who use our facilities and services now have a better experience than they did when I was running things from a constant state of overload.  The other reason my fellow pet professionals give for not joining PBIC is that they're unsure about Dom himself. 'There's just something about him that annoys me,' or, 'He's just so full of himself.'

Well yes, he is confident and he has every right to be – but that confidence is catching and before you know it you will be as confident about what you're doing as he is.

There's only one person that is as excited about the future of my business as I am – and that's Dom.

At first Dom's methods will seem scary. You will resist. You will want to stay in your comfort zone. However this is not an option.

You will be pushed.  You will have to work hard.  You will improve things for the dogs you work with and for yourself.

Get your life back. Get back to the reason you started in the first place. It's the best decision I ever made."

This program usually retails at £997, but you can full, immediate, lifetime access for just £997 £399!
Join other like minded pet business owners
Shirley Hastings
Hiking Hounds and Scissor Hounds
"As I write this I've just had one of the best months in my business to date.

I am now the highest priced dog walker in my local area with a client base of professionals.

Is he a required taste ? Shit yes.

Does he know his stuff? Shit Yes.

Would I have returned to my old job and given up on living the dream without being part of his world?


Hannah Antrobus
Pawsitively Pawsome Pups Training and Behaviour
"When I joined Diamond my business was already in a good place, but I knew I could be doing more, especially offline marketing I didn't have a clue about.
I love the monthly ledger and diamond letter that gets sent, and its made me realise the value of paper and ink marketing which Dom often talks about. There are so many resources on the online site too, and the amount of information you get is crazy really.

The 90 day goal calls with Dom are great, he does push you outside your comfort zone but that is a good thing, and the group calls are really useful and valuable too.

Dom can be/is straightalking ha and sometimes that's not for everyone but what he says does make sense and It does work."

Isabella Vialla
Izzy Walking
"I have followed step by step what Dom was teaching us and I have been blown out by the results. It f**king works!!!!

More over the weekly group calls are amazing to keep you on track and guide you to do the right things to get the best of your business. And the plus of the Diamond is of course the private coaching with Dom helping us to plan our goals and focus on what is important with tailored advices that will just make your business a success.

You would like to know concretely what I mean... I have just done my accounts for the last 4 months (May June July and August) and I didn't believe my eyes when I read the figures!!! Wow!!! I have doubled my turnover compare to last year. Ok last year was COVID but if I compare to 2019 my turnover has increased of +45%...."

Jo Loft

"Dom has taught me so much about marketing, but with sensible and easy to understand pieces.

It's helped me take my business from a paid hobby to a paid profession.

I still have so many ideas from Dom and so much to do, that I wish I had more time in a day to put in place what Dom says, as all he says is so helpful and he really does understand the business and what needs to be done.

5 gold paws for Dom"

Emily Bowcher
Bow Wow Dog Adventures
"Where do I start?! When I started Diamond I knew pretty early on I'd made a great decision.
Dom helped me in many ways, the first was clarify exactly what It was I actually wanted (I had so many ideas in my head and I was lacking a plan). He then helped me come up with a logical plan of how to get how to get there. We went through everything in depth.

Dom's taught me to work smarter not harder and that's paid off! Even though we had to change tack halfway through the last 90 days the things I've achieved have been great.
All I'm saying is... this shit works!"

Lynn Lloyd
Award winning Waggs 'n' Woofs
"Well, what can I say??

This guy knows his stuff and I'm absolutely over the moon with the results that I've had in such a short space of time!!!

Don't even think about joining Dom's world!
Just do it!! You won't regret it!!

I've been in business for almost 15yrs and doing fine, but Dom has just rocked my world!!

I could not be happier right now!"

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% guarantee that you'll love the Scale Your Pet Business FAST! Program, or your money back.
Just email Beth  and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.