Top Dollar Dog Trainer
Are you a dog trainer who struggles to stand out from the ever-growing competition?
Are you tired of the feast and famine business model, and do you wish you could add recurring revenue to stabilise your income?
Have you spent a lifetime (and a small fortune) collecting certificates and badges of achievement, yet STILL don't have a sustainable business?
Are you desperate to make a difference, but tired of being a people pleaser, and do you lie awake at night worrying if you'll ever turn your passion into a profitable business?
I hear you friend.

I've coached hundreds of dog trainers who felt exactly the same way.

These were capable dog trainers who remained stuck in the mud because they lacked clarity about the best way to market their skills, and no confidence to take action.

Only a very small number of dog trainers ever break out of the middling middle and a tiny percentage create a truly impactful dog training business that is profitable and makes a difference, in their community.

The rest of the lemmings follow these leaders.
The 'sheep' of the dog training world spend their time 'liking' posts, sharing videos and attending seminars and webinars that leave them marginally more knowledgeable, but markedly poorer.
In short, there are those who consume, and there are those who create.
Attention and money flows to those who create.
The dog trainers who write books, create programs, deliver seminars and put out compelling content leave a lasting legacy, and end up being handsomely rewarded and respected for their contribution.
Dog trainers who just buy books, consume programs, read content and attend seminars they've heard a dozen times before end up pissed off, poor and resentful about their lack of success.
Which are you group are you in?
More importantly, which group do you want to be in?
If it's the latter then you're in luck because I'm about to share with you the secret that will take your dog training business from ordinary to extraordinary.
Introducing the 'Top Dollar, Dog Trainer Online Program'
So, what is the Top Dollar, Dog Trainer Online Program?
It's an 8-week intensive program specifically designed to help you transform your dog training business.
You will learn:
How to turn 'one-time, off-off' Consultations into effective 'Packages' that get better results for your clients (and more money for you)
Most dog trainers are poor because they have a 'pounds per hour' business model (99% are pimping out their services at less than £40 an hour, which is the main reason they are so poor) . This time for money mentality is what's caps your income and means you are running so fast and burning out on business treadmill. I'll be sharing the secrets to increasing the life-time customer value which will mean better behaviour results for your clients AND end your financial worries.
How to Create your Own 'Uncopyable' Dog Training Systems
Let's face it, your current consultation process is deeply flawed...not in diagnosing the behavioural problem, but in communicating to the owner why they need to invest time, money and effort to fix their dogs problem. I'll show you how to present a diagnosis and an action plan that convinces them they have found a professional they can trust AND which makes the price of your services irrelevant.
How to Niche down, and be seen an a 'Specialist' Dog Trainer
The days of being able to present yourself as a 'general' dog trainer are over, and it's the dog trainers who niche down who will succeed, and more easily attract clients who see you as a perfect fit for them. I'll show you how to turn your particular pooch passion into a profitable dog training career, where you are given the respect, recognition and reward your hard work deserves.
The Little-Known Content Creation Trick that will get more 'Eyes' on your Business
Most dog trainers have no content strategy at all, which mean they spread themselves too thinly across lots of ineffective social media channels. The way to 'build a tribe' is do the opposite of what all the other (skint, tired and depressed) dog trainers are doing. I've perfected the perfect Online/Offline marketing strategy that will make you easier to find, and will help you connect with more 'local' dog owners.
How to Write a Book that Positions you as a Respected Dog Training Authority
You won't be seen as an expert until you present yourself as an expert and being an author, is the quickest way to elevate yourself from the crappy competition. I've written five books and I've helped mentor many private coaching clients to write their own books. On the 'Top Dollar, Dog Trainer' course I'll help you do the same thing.
How to go from local 'nobody' to respected dog training 'industry expert'
Unfortunately, you get the clients you deserve because you get the clients your business attracts. The only way to attract better clients (who can afford your premium services, AND who are committed to fixing their dogs behaviour problems) is to build a better reputation and implement more effective marketing strategies. I'll show you how to change the perception of dog owners in your town so they are crawling over themselves to secure your services.
How to Stand out from the Competition and Attract the Clients you Really Want.
Time and time again I hear the fear in pet business owner's voices when they talk about their competition. Well, this boot camp will make them an irrelevance to how you run your business. Your competition won't understand why you are implementing all the unconventional strategies you learn from me, and because they won't know how to do it themselves, they won't be able to copy you.
The Simple Marketing Systems that I have Running 24/7 in my Business.

This will enable you to have leads coming into your business even while you sleep. Switching to a lead generation business model and implementing relentless follow up in my business changed everything for me, and it can do the same for your business too.

How to Systemise and Structure your Dog Training Business
So any client who comes in gets taken on a unique customer journey. I shall be showing you how to attract premium clients who know the rules of your business (and so always pay on time or early); How to 'onboard', them into you're your business and turn them into referral machines who attract more great dog owners who are begging to use your services.
How to build continuity into your dog training business.

Dog trainers have a unique problem in that they always need to find new clients. A client comes in, you help them, then they leave. I'll show you how to introduce packages that smooth out your cash flow, and put an end to the feast and famine you regularly experience. Continuity is the holy grail and you will have a continuity implementation strategy for your future and current clients.

How to actually get shit done in your business.
Time pressure is recurring issue, so I will be showing you the exact systems that will enable you to make the very most of all the time and money you have to invest in your business. These are the systems that took me from being a small dog walker in Sunderland to a published author, podcast host, industry expert and sought after national speaker. Don't think for one minute you can't do the same if you want to.
How to quickly establish yourself as the premium, go to pet professional in your town and have the best clients banging down your door to use your service.

What is the best and quickest way to get your name out there and get more clients?

Facebook, leaflets, word of mouth?

On day two of the bootcamp I will give you the blueprint to follow.

Everyone should have 'online' and 'offline' marketing strategies, and my online bootcamp attendees will find out how to do both on a budget.

How to scale and grow your local pet business.
A business that's built for growth has systems and procedures that allow for expansion, and at the boot camp you will learn how to successfully recruit, retain and train staff so your standards and are maintained, even when you aren't there. I will also be giving a unique 'look over my shoulder' at my own systems and procedures.
How to introduce online training packages into your training business.

Let me be clear this is not about retiring to lie on a beach with a 'laptop' lifestyle, where everything is done online. I don't know anyone who runs business like that, and I'm not sure they exist at all. I do know that every dog trainer should be offering some online dog training services. These can range from Skype calls, to full courses and membership clubs. I've done all of these and I will be sharing exactly how you can do the same thing with your business too.

Why this training is different to anything you've done before?
I've identified 7 Traits of Highly Successful Dog Trainers. These are the commonalities that all super successful dog trainers share.
They are what I implemented in my own award- winning dog training business, and they are what I have taught to hundreds of dog trainers.
I'll be sharing those same traits over the 8 modules of the program.
That's not all, check out these amazing bonuses:
Amazing BONUS Number One
30-minute phone call with me – On these 'strategy calls' I'll quickly find out exactly what your challenges are and give you a 'personal' pet business plan so you can start moving forward faster. VALUE: £298
Amazing BONUS Number Two
Full, immediate and lifetime to the recordings from the Dog Trainers Business Bootcamp.
This bootcamp was a two-day event where I shared with the attendees everything they need to know about niching, marketing and promoting a premium dog training business that is the envy of your competition. VALUE: £597
Amazing BONUS Number Three
My Membership Magic Program 
This program will show you how to turn one-time sales into lifetime clients, AND how to turn your dop training business into a membership with recurring revenue built in. VALUE: £399
Super Bonus - Amy Smiths Keynote Presentation from IMPACT 2022
You'll get to hear from Australia's number one puppy trainer, and Soundproof Puppy App inventor, on how she built her incredible business.
In May 22' Amy flew 10452 miles to come to Sunderland to share her amazing business story. This was chock FULL of amazing 'aha moments' and actionable steps you can implement to elevate your dog training business.
And I'm also including Amy's bonus presentation, where she talked about how she quickly took her puppy classes online during the pandemic, and mopped up all the puppy training business while her competitors were hiding under the duvet.
This is a truly inspirational and unbelievable bonus worth £397 on its own, and it's just one part of this game-changing program.
Don't take my word for it though.
Here's what other dog trainers have said about working with me on the Top Dollar, Dog Trainer program;
The Doggy Doctor Carol Clark has begun the process of repositioning herself as the canine consultant who helps struggling dog trainers deliver better training services. She's delivered two sell out online courses to her list.
"I'm so excited about this year:
Promoting and running two online courses with two more lined up for the second half of the year.
Publishing my fourth (and possibly fifth) books and running a series of intensive day and half day workshops and talks.
So different from the days slogging through far too many weekly classes for little reward and only one day off each week pre-Dom"
Carol Clark – Down Dog Training
"It was 8.55am on Friday 31st January and I was a mess. Sure, I'd followed all of Dom's advice about writing the sales page, creating packages, slick resources and content, I'd stuck to the plan and sent all the emails, had my last call with Dom and all of the Platinum Punks had wished me luck – but at this point I was on my own, and you never really know what to expect 5 minutes before the doors open to your brand new service, a service with no precedent anywhere else in the world, a game changing, potentially life changing service, do you?
8.56am an email comes though, 'Hi, I've been checking the website all morning but I can't sign up – please help, I'm desperate to join!!'
By the time I replied saying the doors would be open at 9am, my notifications were pinging off the scale. 100 members on launch day and that was only the beginning!
hank you Dom for pushing me forward and being able to visualise Club Dogwood before I could. It's scary to step out of your comfort zone and try something big and new but having Dom's support made it happen for me."
Katie Guastapaglia – Scentventure Founder
"Before I met Dom I had worked with two different coaches and spent literally thousands of pounds with little or no result.

I was totally fed up with a business that was running me instead of the other way round and barely paying myself minimum wage.

When Dom popped up on my radar I was done spending money on coaches. Then after looking at job adverts and considering packing the business in I thought I would have one last push.

Dom is just what I needed in a coach, someone to kick me up the bum and tell me the truth even if it isn't what I want to hear.

Last year I made almost double the profit I had in previous years. And I can honestly say I wouldn't still be running this business and loving it, if it weren't for Dom!"

Nicola Davies – Dog Trainer and Author of The Puppy Nanny

This program usually retails for £997, and the collectively the four amazing bonuses are valued at £1691.
That means when you acquire this program you are getting over £2600 worth of resources which clocks in at over 28 hours.
However, I'm not asking half, or even a quarter of that because you can get full, immediate and lifetime access to everything for just £299
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