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How To Quickly and Easily Take Your Dog Training Online Complete Program
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Before you even think about launching a dog training membership you need to get good at teaching online, AND get your clients used to watching and learning online. is scary isn't it?
Online is complicated?
Online is expensive?
Your clients won't learn online?
Yes, online is very different to teaching in person.
You need to be precise with your instructions.
You need to clearly explain, expertly demonstrate and carefully walk your virtual clients through the learning steps.
It's not enough to simply be able to 'sell' an online program, you need your clients to commit to the online format and consume your course, only then will they tell their dog owning friends how awesome your online course is.
You also need to entertain and educate in your online course.
A bored client learns nothing, will quickly disengage and may even ask for a refund.
However, the work from home revolution has made 'train from home' an attractive option for many dog owners. Smart dog trainers who offer simple, specialised, step-by-step courses are transforming their business (and their bank account)
A lot of people prefer training at home to get away from crowded town halls and barking dogs (In fact, a lot of dog trainers told me they get better results for their clients online)
That's why in 2020 I put together my 'How to Take Your Dog Training Online' Complete Program.
This was created at the very start of the Pandemic when everyone was panicking about how they were going to keep their dog training business going.
I came up with a quick and easy 4 Module program, that shows you how to effortlessly take your training online WITHOUT any technical skills at all.
You don't need to spend £1000's of pounds on a videographer
You don't need an expensive new website
You don't need to know how to link together lots of complicated programs.
All you need to turn your knowledge and skills into online assets is a smart phone and a free Zoom account
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