How Emily Bow-Wow-Cher Started a Premium Dog Business AND Opened a Field From Scratch
Discover how Emily Bowcher-Doyle filled up her Bow-Wow Dog Adventures dog walking service, and launch her field business - Bow Wow Adventure Playground -all while working a full time job. 
Watch this short interview where Emily shares her inspiring pet business story...
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Dom: Right. I'm here with Emily Bow-Wow-Wowcher. Emily, you start off by telling everybody who you are, where you're from, what you do, when you started your business.
Emily: I'm Emily Bow-Wow-Wowcher and I started my dog walking adventure business in 2019. So, not that long ago really, and we've just opened a secure enclosed dog field, which I'm really excited about. That's kind of what we're doing now.
Dom: Yeah, indeed. I wrote about this on an email the other day. You originally asked about Diamond when you very first came into the PBIC world. At the time, I didn't think it was the right move. I think you knew it wasn't the right time either. You needed to get your existing business going.
I think what people need to know is, what is really good about your story is you've been battling on so many fronts, you've got your dog walking business up and running and practically full, you've been building a field business at the same time as somewhere to do your adventures, but also to provide some passive income and you've also been doing a part-time job as well.
Which is what a lot of people have to do when they are starting out. I think people forget this, when somebody's starting a business and they look at somebody who's done well and they're successful and they've got things that they want. They don't realise what else that person has done to get there. I did the same thing. I had part-time jobs and I was doing stuff that I didn't really want to do just to keep beans and bacon on the table, whilst I was building the pet business, and Beth was supporting me. So, tell us a bit about that.
Emily: Yeah. When I started the business, well pre-business, I was a retail manager at a big fancy store on the high street and just really knew it wasn't for me long term. So I was like, "What do I do? I'm going to create a business that's about animals." What could I come up with? I thought, "Oh, I love dogs. Let's do dog walking." In order to leave that role and be able to have the financial security while setting up business, I started working really early in the morning. A 3:00 AM, 4:00 AM start for me. Then that finishes at 7:30, which was great, I knew it was great. It's done me well to start the dog walking business so that I could make enough money to live and have that security. So, my dog business ran during the day, which is when I knew I'd actually have the demand for clients. That's been going on for two years. That's fun.
Dom: That's coming to an end though, isn't it?
Emily: Yeah. It is coming to an end very, very soon. As soon as we move into our house, I'll be leaving that job. It's done me well definitely, and it has been a lot of grafting in the last two years to get to where we're at now, where there is not much more capacity dog walking wise, which is fantastic. Like you say, setting up the dog field business as well has been a slog. We've got there, but it's a lot of work to try and do all of that at one time. There's only so many hours in a day and I actually have to sleep at some point.
Dom: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it is. Good things come to those who work hard. Everybody who is successful will tell you that. There's all these hours that go on behind the scenes and stuff. . On a recent coaching call that we did, I learned you've really transformed the profitability of the dog adventure business as well. It's increased massively. We were thinking about taking on a staff member, although we've just parked that for now. That's the next thing on the list. Your global domination. We need a successful team around Emily to make that happen. How have you found the coaching process to help you get clarity with having so many ideas?
Emily: Like you said, I was in the PBIC for a little while before I started Diamond. It wasn't the right time for me to start Diamond. I was interested, but I knew I actually needed to do some foundation work before we got to this stage. I've just done my first three, three and a half months in Diamond. I did a price increase.
That was really good and obviously made me more profitable with my current clients and then implemented the things that you had suggested along the way that got me new clients, which has increased profitability as well.
I had 101 ideas and actually needed to whittle them down to what is actually the most beneficial for me at this stage. Some of the ideas can come later and we'll get to them, but actually I didn't need help with drive. Because I have that drive in me, but I needed help with clarity getting down to, "Where do I start first?" 
I had these big ideas and couldn't really work out where to begin and then the stepping stones to keep me going. That's where I found the coaching process has really benefited me massively, is that it's helped me... From someone who's done it... To get to where I am now.
Profitability-wise, I'm making a third more a month than what I was making two months ago, which is great. Just from the dog walking, the field is additional to that, but in terms of money coming in per month, that's huge for me, huge.
Dom: And it's a really good return on investment as well. Because obviously the business coaching isn't cheap, it's a significant step up from PBIC Gold, and you want to get some kind of return obviously don't you?
Emily: Exactly and it has been a hundred percent worth the money I've paid. Hundred percent.
Dom: I think you're right talking about the clarity factor. I'm glad you mentioned that because the progression in my own business and with everybody else I coach, it's usually down to that. If you can get clarity about exactly what it is that you want and where you're going to go and what are your immediate steps that you're going to take to get there. Then you can stick to it. That's the other thing, I provide the accountability and stuff as well. It's amazing where you can go in a relatively short space of time.
Emily: Yeah, massively. The sheet you send before our 90 day goals, actually really helps bring clarity.
Dom: The piece of paper exercise.
Emily: Just seeing it written down on paper in black and white, I'm like, "Ah". Makes you think about it more, the steps to get there before we even have a call, which is really good. Then I actually have some questions when we have a call already, I'm like, "I have my questions here to ask you." Hugely beneficial for me, hugely.
Dom: Cool. Cool. Cool. How do you feel about the future now then? Obviously you've got a lot happening, moving into a new place and the field's just opened. It's filling up, yeah?
Emily: Yeah, yeah. The field, gosh, this will be our fourth open weekend, like a fourth weekend open and we are completely full. That couldn't be better four weeks in. Starting to get people using it during the week, but we'll get to that next. I'm really excited about the future, really excited.
I've got some big goals, but we're working towards them step by step. I don't live to work. I work to live and have a good life outside of work, which is one of the reasons why I also didn't want to work in my previous job. Because it didn't give me any flexibility or balance or anything. We're working towards that as well.
Dom: We are.
Emily: We are working towards that, yeah. Working towards that.
Dom: That's important. A few of the other guys have mentioned this on these calls, they talked about stuff like their work life balance, and the savings that they're making, and they're much more confident about unexpected bad things happening because now they've got this buffer fund and all these things. A lot of this comes from mistakes I've made in the past. I've been caught out with these things and I think, "Do you know what, I want these my coaching clients to get it right from the start..." And the proofs in the pudding. Brilliant.
Emily: Yeah. It literally is, literally is. 
Everything you've told me to do, even if I was scared of doing it, has paid off dividends. Massive thank you from me.
Dom: No worries. No worries. I'm super proud of you. Super excited for the future. I feel in a way we're just getting started because, don't get me wrong you've done so much but, we're entering a phase now where you're going to be able to really totally concentrate all of your efforts on developing this business and growing it and taking it whatever direction you want to take it. It's really exciting. I'm really proud of you.
Emily: Thank you. I'm proud of me too.
Dom: Yeah you should be.
Emily: Which is not something I say often. I'm really proud of where we've come in two years, particularly in the last four months with you.
Dom: Fantastic. Fantastic. If you guys who are watching this, if you want to experience the Diamond coaching that Emily's just been talking about, click on one of the links below and you can find out more about it. Emily, can you tell everybody where to go to find out more about you?
Emily: Yeah, I can, that was unexpected.
Dom: A free plug.
Emily: Yeah. I'm on Facebook, under Bow Wow Dog Adventures and then the same on Instagram and the same is my website. That has all about my dog adventure business and the field, and how we run and how I got into it. Everything. There's quite often little videos of me just chatting away to the camera.
Dom: Yeah. Your confidence is growing and it was already quite high.
Emily: Yeah. I don't mind talking to the camera, that's no problem.
Dom: Watch out world, Emily's coming for you. Thanks so much for your time Emily, I really appreciate it.
Emily: You're welcome. Thanks for having me.
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