Hi, I'm Dom Hodgson
I am the Pet Biz Wiz, and the founder of the Pet Business Inner Circle.

Since 2011 I've helped over 1312 frustrated pet business owners to double or triple their revenue, and create impactful businesses while working less. 

I help them staff, scale and systemise their business so they can enjoy more time off work.

I help them become published authors, industry and community leaders, and recognised experts in their field.
I help them find the 'hidden money' in their business. 

And have been fortunate to see their success first hand as they increase prices, add new services, start brand new pet businesses, whilst making a positive impact in their community. 
There are two ways I can help you earn more while working less.

Which would you like help with?
I need help marketing my business
I need help knowing where to focus my time
Things Were Not Always That Way...
When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing.

My dog adventure business quickly filled up but I had no idea how to staff or scale...

I tried a lot of different things but nothing seemed to work.
I wasted many hours following the advice of know-nothing social-media 'gooroos', and invested thousands in social media, pay-per-click and SEO 'experts' who were happy to take my money, but gave me nothing in return. 
I felt stuck and was constantly switching from one method to the next.
Then I ploughed tens of thousands pounds into an online dog store which I thought would get me out of the time-for-money trap. It didn't!
I was trapped in a business I didn't want to be in.

I felt overwhelmed, depressed and incredibly stressed out thinking "Why is my hard work not getting any results?"

That's why I decided to step back and completely immerse myself in learning everything I could about marketing.

I spent a fortune on books, training, masterminds and private coaching and I finally discovered what truly works and what doesn't.
Fast Forward To Today
Now I run 3 successful pet businesses, inlcuding my coaching business for ambitious pet professionals, and I have more time off than ever before.

I am able to spend time on the beach with my dog (Derek the Bordeaux), I have weekends off, I have money in the bank and after 10 years my pet business provides employment for two family members. My eldest son Alex is a partner in the Dog Adventure business, and last year my wife Beth left behind her stressful teaching career and became Operations Manager here. 
We have a true family business. 

And let me tell you, after struggling for so many years...

After getting frustrated for so long without getting any real results...
It Feels Awesome!
Make no mistake, this certainly did not happen overnight. It took me years to figure out the pet business success blueprint and shortcut to creating my dream pet business. 

I made a ton of costly mistakes and spent a lot of money to figure this out along the way.

Now, my mission is to help people just like you create your own hugely profitable and impactful  business without working all hours god sends. Because that is what I know best.

I've helped hundreds of dog trainers, daycare owners, walkers and groomers around the world speed up their success.

But don't take my word for it...
I need help marketing my business
I need help knowing where to focus my time
Here is What My Coaching Clients Say...
Carol Clark
The Doggy Doctor
"We've just had our best month of all time, actually the third best month we've had this past year!
Despite COVID and all the restrictions. The key for me was working out my EHR overall (which made me cry in horror and despair!) and then working it out for each service.
That proved that our signature Perfect Pet programme was by far and away the one with the best EHR, so we've been focusing on marketing that - and it's paying dividends.
Thanks Dom."
Emily Bowcher
 Bow Wow Dog Adventures
"Where do I start?! When I started Diamond I knew pretty early on I'd made a great decision.
Dom helped me in many ways, the first was clarify exactly what It was I actually wanted (I had so many ideas in my head and I was lacking a plan). He then helped me come up with a logical plan of how to get how to get there. We went through everything in depth.
Dom's taught me to work smarter not harder and that's paid off! Even though we had to change tack halfway through the last 90 days the things I've achieved have been great. 

All I'm saying is... this shit works!"

Lynn Lloyd
Award winning Waggs 'n' Woofs
"Well, what can I say??
This guy knows his stuff and I'm absolutely over the moon with the results that I've had in such a short space of time!!!
Don't even think about joining Dom's world!
Just do it!! You won't regret it!!
I've been in business for almost 15yrs and doing fine, but Dom has just rocked my world!!
I could not be happier right now!"
Tim Jackson
Pets 2 Impress
"Before I became a member of the PBIC I struggled a lot with my work load and found I did not have much to show at the end of each month, despite the fact I seemed to be working every hour under the sun. 
After signing up I booked a call with Dom...that's where it all changed. Since becoming a Platinum member with Dom's help and support I have introduced 3 upsells for the daycare, introduced a membership programme within the daycare, added 2 new upsells for Puppy School and 1-1 training and by doing that I know have extra money in the bank.
I now only work 3 ½ days a week as opposed to the 7 I used to work and my life is a lot more balanced.
I feel very positive for the future of Pets2impress and I am looking forward to what's next. Is it easy being a Platinum? No, not all of the time. Is it worth being a Platinum? Yes if you want to make more money and move your business forward."
Sara Lamont
Canine Family Planner

"Due to being part of Dom's community since October 2018, I hit my first goal, which was to buy my own home as a solo buyer. 
My opinion of my business has transformed. So much that I'm now recruiting for a second position.
I can't express how important and good it feels to step from solo business to build a small but mighty team. 
I don't think this would have ever happened if I hadn't been in Diamond.
My client Booking app runs some basic reporting. I quickly glanced, and only 5 months into 2021 I have already earned my 12-month salary in my last corporate position and March 2021 was my business month ever.
With that said, thanks Dom for being the Angel (or devil??) on my shoulder, pushing me to 'do better', because that's the only way you get what you want in this world.
Diamond til I Die..."

Tony Sherry
Animal and People Advanced Emmett Practitioner ECH Therapies
"For a while now I have been struggling to grow my business and with client engagement. I felt like a headless chicken, running around and not knowing which direction to go in and why. The clients I have are very loyal and they are the ones who help promote my business. I tried social media with so little success for all the work I had to put in. I have read a couple of books and watched stuff on Youtube until I came across Dom and his no nonsense guidance.

Being in the diamond group has helped me continue my focus on the business. I feel supported by the members in the group as well and Dom's pearls of wisdom are always greatly received.The Diamond calls are informative and supportive and I'm either picking up new information or confirming ideas on each call.


I need help marketing my business
I need help knowing where to focus my time
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