How to increase your business by 48%
I did a bunch of calls with my private clients yesterday. Some with new members who have recently joined my program, and some with peeps who have been in my world for quite a while.
Most smart cookie pet business owners do a business 'health check' at least once every three months.
One of my guys recently attended IMPACT and understandably came back with a head full of new ideas.

On her call we talked through her goals and ideas, and then hashed out a plan of action.

Now, here's an interesting ithing about that.

She had one BIG idea that I thought needed a bit of a reality check, and thinking through a lot more before she dived in.

And there was another part of the plan which she was going to start early next year, that I thought needed moving up the list of priorities and should actually be started next month.

This is one of the HUGE benefits of working with an experienced coach for an extended period of time. The more they learn about you, your business and your ambitions, the better they can advise you how to achieve your long term goals.

It's not possible to get that kind of guidance, if you are jumping from one social-media obsessed goroo to another.

Anyway, one of the reasons my client has SO many opportunties right now, is we've done the bulk of the 'fixing' that needed to be done when she first came into my world.

Every pet business has this intial 'fix' to do.

I'm talking about the fundatmentals like pricing, the marketing message, and the follow up systems.

And my client can now persue exciting opportunities because she's done this.

The proof is in the pudding.

Here's what she had to say;

"Turnover is up 48% on the same time the previous year! This is down to increasing prices significantly in October (we would usually have waited until April), taking on a lot of new clients on the 25% uplift prices since October and introducing our premium dog sitting service. Thanks Dom!

March has been an amazing month for us, the best ever month we've had in fact. Plus we have another fee rise and three new starters from April and bookings are looking buoyant into the summer"

You ready to 'fix' your business and start having your 'best month ever'?
Author: Dominic Hodgson
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