The Problem with Being the Worlds Biggest Chihuahua
I was doing a coaching call with one of my new Diamond members last week and we were talking about price increases and upsells.
I was pushing for a faster, bigger price increase than she wanted to do, because that's what the numbers were telling me.
She came back this classic excuse that I"ve heard many times over the last five years.
'But, I'm already the highest priced trainer in my town'
My response.
'I don't care about that. You shouldn't either, and we're going to increase them again'
See, you might not realise this, but comparing yourself to your competition is a mugs game.
I mean you should be more expensive for sure, but you shouldn't judge that as benchmark of success.
Most of your competition (and the losers who hang around in FB groups) aren't actually doing that well.
Simply, being 'the highest price in your town' when everyone else is dirt cheap is like being the worlds biggest Chihuahua.
You're still just a Chihuahua.
(nothing against Chihuahua's BTW, but they are hardly 'king of the dog park'.
This is a problem that comes when you start comparing yourself to what 'people in my town' do.
My Platinum member (and owner of the greatest daycare) did the exact same thing too.
Here's an extract from a recent interview I did with Tim
'I opened up the daycare centre in 2015. And with all the overheads came a hell of a lot of problems as well too.
One main issue I think I had was I undercharged myself massively. I kind of looked at what other people in the area were doing.
The big mistake that I think a lot of people make. And I decided to go cheaper, because I thought, "Oh, if I'm cheaper, I'm more than likely to get more clients."
And it didn't necessarily work out like that...'
You can watch the full interview by clicking here now

You'll learn what Tim did to make his daycare MASSIVLEY different from anyone else in his town.

You can use the same tricks to make your business different.

Or...keep patting yourself on the back because you are charging a measly 10% more than your crappy competition.

Let me know how that works out.

Author: Dominic Hodgson
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