Does email marketing still work?
Great question, although I think a more pertinent question for you would be;

Would email marketing work for me?

Well, lets see if we can get to the bottom of this...

First I have a couple questions for you;

Have you checked email today?

Did you check email yesterday?

When you get a notification for an email do you check it?

Do you know anyone who doesn't check in with their email?

I can tell you right now for certain, that everyone checks email

Even Gen Z's and Millennials check email.

And if that email comes from someone they know, like and trust then that email gets read.

Now, here's something interesting...

This morning I posted two different reels to Instagram and FB, and I can guarantee that more people will see, and read my daily email I also sent, l than will see those posts.

That's what happens when you have an engaged email list, that you put time and effort into building, and you keep them engaged with entertaining, educational content.

So, to answer the article headline...100% YES, email marketing works.

But, only if you practise it properly and email regularly.

Not using email marketing in your business is probably costing you an absolute fortune.

I think not using email in your marketing would be like trying to train a dog without using food or toys.

It's not that it can't be done, but you make it so much harder for yourself by not using something that you know works.

I guess if you don't understand email, then you don't understand follow up.

And if you aren't practising follow up, then you are probably doing 'hit and hope' BUY MY SHIT marketing, which is why you are struggling to achieve success.

If any of this sets off an alarm bell and the penny has dropped that you might need some help marketing your pet business...

Maybe I can help...

Author: Dominic Hodgson
Dom Hodgson is known as 'The Pet Biz Wiz', and is widely regarded as the world's leading pet business coach and marketing strategist.

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