Spring Clean with Feng Shui
I was flicking through the channels on Bank Holiday Monday and stumbled across an interview about Spring Cleaning Your House with Feng Shui...
The presenter told us that "Feng Shui has been around for 4000 years and it's all about energy for the home. Sometimes described as acupuncture for the home, where you get rid of the bad energy, get rid of the energy blocks, releasing and keeping the good energy"
Now, being the mild mannered cycnic I am, you might be expecting me to cast some doubt on anything 'woo woo' like this, and you'd be right!
Actually, you'd be half right.

The 'expert' went on to give some basic tips like, clean your windows to let the energy in, clear the front door area and remove clutter which allows the good energy in, open windows so fresh air blows out bad energy, and - you guessed it - allows the good energy in.

Now for sure you want good energy, I'm all for that.

I guess my beef is none of these activities resemble actual 'cleaning'.

I can remove the clutter from the front door, but if the hallway is filthy dirty then I haven't actually cleaned at all.

I can open a window, and light a sage stick to cast off the bad energy, but if there's cobwebs hanging off the walls and the skirting boards are hacky then the room isn't actually any cleaner.

As in, the dictionary definition of 'clean'; free from dirt, marks, or stains.

So, you might have done a 'Feng Shui Spring Clean' but you haven't done an 'actual clean'.
This reminds me of social media gooroos who prattle on about why you should 'post more, blog more, tweet more, share more content!'

I'm not saying it doesn't work at all, but it's just 'social media marketing'.

It's not actual 'marketing'. As in the dictionary definition; the activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Posting random stuff that a social media gooroo recommends ISN'T Promoting, SELLING or advertising.

It's just posting random stuff.

And it certainly isn't direct response marketing - meaning; Direct response is a type of marketing designed to elicit an instant response by encouraging prospects to take a specific action.

If you want a clean house, then clean the house!
If you want more likes, loves, hearts, shares and 'engagement', then crack on with your social media stuff.
But, if you want more sales, clients, money in the bank, then it will pay you to get serious about actual marketing.
You need expert enhancing marketing materials, you need follow up systems, you need an onboarding process that encourages referrals, you need a customer journey with cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and continuity sales.
And if you choose the final option - which is the road less travelled and the exact opposite of what most of your pet business 'pals' are doing - then you need a mentor/coach who teaches AND practises this stuff.
Where you would find one of them I'll never know...
Author: Dominic Hodgson
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