Dom Hodgson presents...
The Pet Business Success Summit!
29th & 30th June 2024
Venue: Grand Hotel, Sunderland,  UK
Elevate Your Business, Outsmart Your Competition,
Be The Leader In Your Community
Are you struggling in the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Pet Business?
I know you entered the pet industry armed with passion and the promise of making a difference.
But it's time to face the growling truth: passion alone doesn't pay the bills, and 'making a difference' doesn't stand out if you offer the same old services as the ever-growing competition.
The pet industry is a thriving, bustling, fast growing metropolis teaming with opportunities, but for too long you've been one of the unsung heroes.
Your dedication to the wellbeing of dogs is second to none, but the harsh reality of today means eroding profit margins, the kryptonite of inflation, and the looming spectre of staffing shortages and hiring challenges are threatening to clip your wings.
It's time for an Iron-Man upgrade of your pet business.
It's time for IMPACT...
At IMPACT 24, We're Turning Underdogs into TopDogs.
Over one magical weekend in June the world's leading pet business coach, Dom Hodgson will share the Seven Super Hero traits that will take your business from ordinary to extraordinary;
Superpower #1. Super Strength: Command the Top-Dog Position with Premium Pricing Banish the bargain bin mindset and reposition your services from 'nice to have,' to must-haves, for the discerning pet owner who is looking for something different and better. Being premium a superpower that transforms every aspect of your pet business.
Superpower #2. Speed: The Flash's Guide to Pet Business Productivity We're here to transform your time-wasting workday into a blur of achievement. You'll learn Dom's fast-track methods for identifying your IGT's (Income Generating Tasks), prioritising activities that matter, and cutting out the fluff that slows you down.
Superpower #3. Flight: Soar Above the Competition as the 'Go-To' Expert. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's YOU flying sky-high by authoring your book, creating expert enhancing educational content, spearheading standout events, and securing media features that spotlight you as your towns leading authority.
Superpower #4. Invisibility: Covert Communications, Heroic Results Discover how to deploy marketing that moves in the shadows but impacts with a superhero's punch. Use targeted emails and direct mail to make your message felt, not just heard, by the right customers, at the right time.
Superpower #5. Telepathy: Understand Your Customers Better Than They Understand Themselves Get ready to dive deep into the psyche of your clientele. Learn mind-bending tricks so you anticipate your client's needs, cater to their whims, and lock in their loyalty. Enhancing customer satisfaction will be your 'Spidey Sense'.
Superpower #6. Shape-Shifting: Be the Chameleon in a World Resistant to Change When the market zigs, you'll be ready to zag. At IMPACT we'll empower you to be as adaptable as you are steadfast, turning industry shifts into your playground.
Superpower #7. Technomancy: Mastering Automation and Technology Time to let technology be your sidekick, and automate the mundane so YOU can focus on the mission. At IMPACT we'll help equip you with the gadgets and know-how that enable your services to be seen far and wide, like your very own pet business bat signal.
You will also discover;
  • How to create dynamic duo partnerships and fantastic four collaborations that will accelerate your progress
  • How to leash perfect prospects, and effortlessly bring them into your fold by using wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.
  • How to quickly and easily put out a stream of content 'Bat-a-rangs' that leave your competition battered and bruised...
  • How to master your inner game and become immune to criticism so you advance through your business journey wearing 'Hulk-proof' armour.
  • And Much, MUCH MORE!
And that's not all because at IMPACT you'll also hear from two special Superhero Guests;
2023 IMPACT Marketer of the Year, Five Time Author, and owner of the U.K's Greatest Doggy Daycare, 'Enrichment Man' Tim Jackson

'Expert Pet Pro, Local Hero'

Discover how Tim doubled his daycare business, enthused his staff, enthralled his clients and created an untouchable pet business that turns his competition green with envy, by positioning his daycare as the Disney dog business. You'll learn how to go from local nobody to 'mini celebrity' in the eyes of dog owners in your town, how to turn one-time buyers into life-time clients, and how to create a shield of authority that leaves your competitors in the dust.

Former Dog Trainer of the Year, and IMPACT Entrepreneur of the year,
Adam 'The Puppy Whisperer' Delderfield
"How I Built a Six-figure Side Hustle'
Adam will share the secrets of his success that have enabled him to build a six-figure 'side hustle' dog training business, whilst also working in a full time job (where he manages 4 teams, 24 people, and at home has three kids, two dogs and a cat!) To build the pet business of your dreams, you don't need more time, you need better systems. Adam will walk you through the Delder's Dog customer journey that includes automation, outsourcing, upselling all wrapped up in a magical customer and canine experience.
Hear from the attendees of IMPACT 2023...
Allison Pearson
The Stress Free Groomer
Doug 'The Dog Guy' Keeling
Bad To The Bone Pet Care
Anna Pollard
The Dog House Canine Spa
Maria and Pete Yarnold
The Sighthound Savoy
Tim Jackson
Sarah Stevens
K9 Adventures
This Is Your Moment. The Time to Act Is Now.
Don't settle for surviving when you were made to thrive. IMPACT 24 is the crucible where pet business owners are forged into market leaders.
Don't just make a living, make a legacy.
Early Bird Offer
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Note: Non UK based pet professionals can get a flight to Newcastle International Airport and then the metro line takes you straight to Sunderland in under 1 hour
Check out what people say about Dom Hodgson;
"Dom Hodgson is Europe's Number #1 business trainer of dog trainers and professional dog walkers and pet sitters".

Dan Kennedy - Forefather of modern direct response marketing

"Dominic is one of those rare coaches that practises what he preaches.  Every business should be listening to Dominic"

Vance Morris
Disney Customer Service Expert

"Dom is next level. He really is something else. I was taken back by how much he knows his stuff with so much knowledge about running a successful pet business."

Amy Smith - Australia's Number One Puppy Trainer

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  • An IMPACT 2024 T shirt - Collectors Items (early bird ticket buyers only)
  • Professional Promotional Photograph opportunity with Dom Hodgson (to be used on your website and marketing materials)
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  • Buffet lunch and refreshments both days.
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29th - 30th June 2024
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Hear from the attendees of IMPACT 2023...
Sara Barnes
Who Lets Your Dog Out/We Do Doggy Doo Do
Becky Smith
Pet Trailer UK
Jo Churlish
Animal Behaviour and Training
Adam Delderfield
Delder's Dogs
Nicola Davies
The Puppy Nanny
Cathy, Jo & Jesse
The Cwtch Animal Homestay
Dominic Hodgson 2024